Desperate Journey

Clan War: Desperate Journey cover

Desperate Journey was a sourcebook for Legend of the Five Rings which contains three scenarios for Clan War Miniatures Game, two of which detail the Anvil of Despair's journey and the challenges faced by its Phoenix escort.

Credits Edit

Asako Yurito

Asako Yurito

Desperate Journey Edit

  • Written by: Ken Carpenter, Steve Hough, and Jim Pinto
  • Additional Material by: Frank Chafe, Cris Dornaus, Marcelo Figueroa, Ree Soesbee, and Rob Vaux
  • Cover Artwork: Carl Frank
  • Interior Artwork: Carl Frank
  • Graphic Design: Steve Hough
  • Miniatures Painting: Ken Carpenter, Mike Ernst, Mike Jacques, Frank Martin
  • Layout: Brendon Goodyear and Steve Hough
  • Editing: DJ Trindle and Ken Carpenter

Clan War Edit

  • Lead Designer: Ken Carpenter
  • Clan War Team: Frank Chafe, Mike Ernst, Marcelo Figueroa, Steve Hough, Jim Pinto, Eric Yaple
  • Playtesters: Bradley Eames, Brian Fay, Chris Herkowski, Tim Gallion, Matt Lewitzke, Robert Mueller, Adam Shane, Brent Russell, Ted Schuenemann, Elroy C. Vogel II, James Wilkinson, Shawn Blakeney, Randy Bruhl, Hans Reifenrath, Jefferson Shelley, Ben Tracie, Will Eames, Mike Derouchie, Jacob Lamitie, Shawn Raville, John Moore, Bob King, Leland James, Sam Kenedy, Eric Lamonica, Don Lynch, Mark Perneta, Pete Orfanos, Gabriel Hosterman, Heath Marks, Kevin Tseng, Geoff Schaller, Joe Keyser, Jim Callahan, David Abate, Rob Bowes, Nick Cuaresma, CJ Dunnigan, Greg Ortiz, Eric Silveira, Barney James

Table of Contents (page 1) Edit

“Trials of Destiny” (page 2) Edit

Hida Amoro 6

Hida Amoro

Blood and Thunder (page 8) Edit

  • A Clan War scenario pitting a corrupt Crab army against a hard hitting Unicorn force
  • Deployment and Setup
  • Objectives
  • Crab Army
  • Unicorn Army
  • Deployment Zone
  • Historical Review

“Trials of Destiny” part 2 (page 12) Edit

Tides of Darkness (page 18) Edit

Yakamo no Oni 5

Oni no Yakamo

  • A Clan War scenario where the Anvil's escort must fight their way past a massed Shadowlands horde
  • Scenario Rules
  • The Anvil of Despair
  • Deployment and Setup
  • Objectives
  • Phoenix Army
  • Shadowlands Army
  • Deployment Zone
  • Historical Review

Regions of Rokugan (page 25) Edit

Wrath of Fire (page 30) Edit

Isawa Tsuke 6

Isawa Tsuke

  • One Man's Phoenix Army

Restless Forest (page 32) Edit

  • Clan War scenario with a secretive skirmish in the Shinomen Forest between the awakened Naga and the vengative Scorpion forces
  • Scenario Rules
  • Deployment and Setup
  • Objectives
  • Naga Army
  • Scorpion Army
  • Deployment Zone
  • Historical Review

“Trials of Destiny” part 3 (page 36) Edit

Mokoto and the Twelve Ronin (page 39) Edit



Painting your Clan War Army (page 41) Edit

Collected Clan War Rules (page 49) Edit

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