Day of Thunder was a literary work written by the Crane Clan writer Kakita Uniko, depicting how Shinsei selected the Thunders, the outcome of the Day of Thunder, and possibly a supposition of how the events unfolded during the Day of Thunder itself.

Excerpts Edit

Bayushi's Thunder Edit

In one of the excerpts, Uniko tells how Bayushi protests against letting Shosuro join the Thunders, claiming that too much of his men had died already. But, with the intervention of Doji and Akodo, Shinsei is finally able to leave Bayushi speechless. The Scorpion Kami never gives permission for Shosuro to leave, but neither does he continue talking against it. [1]

Shosuro's Return Edit

This excerpt tells about how Shosuro returns from the Shadowlands, stumbling into the Emperor's court with a bag over her shoulders. She calls for Bayushi and falls onto the floor. The two whisper for a little before the court can get close enough to hear. In the excerpt, Bayushi tells Shosuro he forgives her, most probably for leaving without his permission. When Shosuro dies on his arms, Bayushi claims the duty to guard the Black Scrolls that were the doom of Fu Leng. [2]


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