Dawn of the Empire was the ninth expansion with several Diamond Legal diamond legal cards and the second direct to player set of Legend of the Five Rings Card Collectible Game. The set was packaged in a binder and most cards also had Lotus bug lotus legal. It gave the first major glimpse into what happened at the Dawn of the Empire.

Preceded by:
Wrath of the Emperor
October 2004
Succeeded by:
Web of Lies

Cards Edit

Number Name Type Rarity Image
75 Ancient Battlefield Action Fixed
Ancient Battlefield-card
69 Blood Calls to Blood Action Fixed
Blood Calls to Blood-card
70 Deeds of My Ancestors Action Fixed
Deeds of My Ancestors-card
72 Enmity Action Fixed
73 Extermination Action Fixed
74 Fallen Thunder Action Fixed
Fallen Thunder-card
76 I Can Swim Action Fixed
I Can Swim-card
77 Into the Darkness Action Fixed
Into the Darkness-card
78 Men of Cunning Action Fixed
Men of Cunning-card
79 Shinjo's Courage Action Fixed
Shinjo's Courage-card
71 The Emperor's Blessing Action Fixed
The Emperor's Blessing-card
81 Until I Understand Action Fixed
Until I Understand-card
82 Way of the Horse and Bow Action Fixed
Way of the Horse and Bow-card
80 Where Gods Have Fallen Action Fixed
Where Gods Have Fallen-card
2 Call of Thunder Event Fixed
Call of Thunder-card
4 Fall From the Heavens Event Fixed
Fall From the Heavens-card
7 Ki-Rin's Exodus Event Fixed
Ki-Rin's Exodus-card
1 One Thousand Years of Peace Event Fixed
One Thousand Years of Peace-card
8 Rebirth of the Dark Kami Event Fixed
Rebirth of the Dark Kami-card
5 Test of the Kami Event Fixed
Test of the Kami-card
3 The Death of Ryoshun Event Fixed
The Death of Ryoshun-card
6 The First Wedding Event Fixed
The First Wedding-card
84 Battul Follower Fixed
83 Legion of the Kami Follower Fixed
Legion of the Kami-card
85 Shinsei's Legion Follower Fixed
Shinsei's Legion-card
88 Souls of the Fallen Follower Fixed
Souls of the Fallen-card
87 Student of the Tao Follower Fixed
Student of the Tao-card
86 The Lying Darkness Follower Fixed
The Lying Darkness-card
89 Troll War Band Follower Fixed
Troll War Band-card
90 Wako Follower Fixed
9 Chamber of the Damned Holding Fixed
Chamber of the Damned-card
12 Family Library Holding Fixed
Family Library-card
13 Isawa Ariminhime Holding Fixed
Isawa Ariminhime-card
14 Seppun Hill Holding Fixed
Seppun Hill-card
10 Shrine of Discussion Holding Fixed
Shrine of Discussion-card
15 Standing Stones Holding Fixed
Standing Stones-card
17 Temples of Gisei Toshi Holding Fixed
Temples of Gisei Toshi-card
11 The First Dojo Holding Fixed
The First Dojo-card
16 The Tao Holding Fixed
The Tao-card
18 Yobanjin Fortress Holding Fixed
Yobanjin Fortress-card
91 Ancient Armor Item Fixed
Ancient Armor-card
92 Ancient Sword Item Fixed
Ancient Sword-card
93 Bayushi's Mask Item Fixed
Bayushi's Mask-card
94 Broken Sword of the Lion Item Fixed
Broken Sword of the Lion-card
95 Eye of the Emperor Item Fixed
Eye of the Emperor-card
96 Fu Leng's Sword Item Fixed
Fu Leng's Sword-card
97 Golden Mirror Item Fixed
Golden Mirror-card
98 Isawa's Last Wish Inexperienced Item Fixed
Isawa's Last Wish Inexp-card
99 Onnotangu's Hand Item Fixed
Onnotangu's Hand-card
100 War Chariot Item Fixed
War Chariot-card
101 Amaterasu's Blessing Kiho Fixed
Amaterasu's Blessing-card
102 Depths of Jigoku Kiho Fixed
Depths of Jigoku-card
103 Lesson of Thunder Kiho Fixed
Lesson of Thunder-card
20 Hida Personality Fixed
21 Hida Atarasi Personality Fixed
Hida Atarasi-card
22 Hiruma Personality Fixed
23 Kaiu Norio Personality Fixed
Kaiu Norio-card
25 Doji Personality Fixed
24 Doji Hayaku Personality Fixed
Doji Hayaku-card
26 Doji Konishiko Personality Fixed
Doji Konishiko-card
27 Kakita Personality Fixed
28 Mirumoto Personality Fixed
29 Mirumoto Hojatsu Personality Fixed
Mirumoto Hojatsu-card
30 Togashi Personality Fixed
31 Togashi Kaiteru Personality Fixed
Togashi Kaiteru-card
32 Akodo Personality Fixed
33 Akodo Mirotai Personality Fixed
Akodo Mirotai-card
34 Ikoma Personality Fixed
35 Matsu Personality Fixed
36 Kaimetsu-Uo Personality Fixed
37 Kindari Personality Fixed
38 Unmei Personality Fixed
40 Asako Moharu Personality Fixed
Asako Moharu-card
42 Asako Yogo Personality Fixed
Asako Yogo-card
41 Isawa Personality Fixed
43 Shiba Personality Fixed
47 Bayushi Personality Fixed
48 Bayushi Nissho Personality Fixed
Bayushi Nissho-card
49 Shosuro Experienced 7 Personality Fixed
Shosuro Exp7-card
50 Yogo Personality Fixed
59 Ide Personality Fixed
60 Otaku Personality Fixed
61 Shinjo Personality Fixed
62 Shinjo Bairezu Personality Fixed
Shinjo Bairezu-card
45 A'tck Personality Fixed
46 D'nir'ch Personality Fixed
52 Fu Leng Personality Fixed
Fu Leng-card
36 Hantei Personality Fixed
37 Hantei Genji Personality Fixed
Hantei Genji-card
47 Kan'chek Personality Fixed
55 Muhomono Personality Fixed
53 Mutsuhito Personality Fixed
54 Oni no Hatsu Suru Personality Fixed
Oni no Hatsu Suru-card
58 P'an Ku Personality Fixed
P'an Ku-card
19 Shinsei Personality Fixed
39 Tashrak Personality Fixed
51 The First Oni Inexperienced Personality Fixed
The First Oni Inexp-card
59 Tora Personality Fixed
65 Hole In the Sky Region Fixed
Hole In the Sky-card
66 Kaiu Fortress Region Fixed
Kaiu Fortress-card
67 Kanashimi Toshi Region Fixed
Kanashimi Toshi-card
68 Mountains of Exile Region Fixed
Mountains of Exile-card
64 Sacred Arena Region Fixed
Sacred Arena-card
104 Eclipse Spell Fixed
105 Isawa's Scrolls Spell Fixed
Isawa's Scrolls-card
107 Scribing the Tao Spell Fixed
Scribing the Tao-card
108 Sculpting Flesh Spell Fixed
Sculpting Flesh-card
106 Spirit Made Flesh Spell Fixed
Spirit Made Flesh-card
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