Dark Water Abominations were the first Naga Abominations, who appeared after their city was ravaged by the Foul.

Origin Edit

A Chameleon city once existed in the waters below what would become the Bay of Dark Water. The Naga city was ravaged by the Lying Darkness, and its name was lost even to the Akasha. The first Naga Abominations arose from this city, releasing a terrible poison into the Akasha that would lead to many later mutations, known as Dark Water Abominations. After the first Great Sleep they were left completely alone. [1]

Appearance and Abilities Edit

These mutated Naga were radically altered, their connection to the Akasha severed, and much of their intellect fled. They became brutes, thinking on the level of animals: food, comfort, mating, and shelter were their only concerned. They were stronger, tougher, and even more adapted to undersea life. These abominations could infect other living creatures, even non-Naga, transforming them into creatures like themselves. [2]

Mantis Tradition Edit

When Kaimetsu-Uo and his followers appeared in these waters, the Abominations were disturbed. The creatures destroyed several ships creating a legend about haunting spirits. The Mantis learned by happen stance that tossing rice overboard kept the "spirits" at bay. [2]

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