Game's Master Kit cover

Game's Master Kit cover

Dark Tides is the adventure included in the Game Master's Kit of the Legend of the Five Rings roleplaying game, under Fantasy Flight Games. It sends players to the mysterious and obscure town of Taimana Choryū, where characters are challenged socially and emotionally, as well as with action and detective work. What secrets await in the Slow Tide Harbor?

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Dark Tides (page 3) Edit

Part One: Gazetteer (page 4) Edit

Part Two: Tortoise Clan Player Characters (page 8) Edit

Part Three: The Adventure (page 10) Edit

Game's Master Kit screen

Game's Master Kit screen

  • Continuity from Previous Adventures
  • Act One: Investigation
    • Other Investigations
  • Act Two: Raids and Chases
  • Act Three: Battle at the Docks
  • Conclusion and Epilogue
  • Player Rewards

Credits (page 31) Edit

  • Game Design and Development: Tim Huckelberry
  • Writing and Additional Development: Robert Childs Hobart
  • Editing: Dixie Cochran
  • Proofreading: Christine Crabb and Janie Franz
  • Managing RPG Producer: Sam Stewart
  • Legend of the Five Ring Story Review: Katrina Ostrander
  • Graphic Design: Michael Silsby and Evan Simonet
  • Graphic Design Manager: Cristopher Hosch
  • Front Cover Art: Yudong Shen
  • Back Cover Art: Kevin Zamir Goeke
  • Interior Art: Francesca Baerald, Alexander Forssberg, Kevin Zamlr Goeke, Jake Murray, Borja Pindado, and Le Vuong
  • Art Direction: Crystal Chang and Andrew Christensen
  • Managing Art Director: Melissa Shetler
  • Quality Assurance Director: Zach Tewalthomas
  • Production Management: Jason Beaudoin and Megan Duehn
  • Visual Crerative Director: Brian Schomburg
  • Senior Project Manager: John Franz-Wichlacz
  • Senior Manager of Project Development: Chris Gerber
  • Executive Game Designer: Corey Konieczka
  • Publisher: Andrew Navaro
  • Playtesters: Dennis van den Berg, Kaitlln Davies, Julien Escalier, Martin Flanagan, an Houlihan, Michael Hurell, Keesjan KLeef, Romain Labrot, Franqois Martinez, Pim Mauve, Adam Potts, Jan Cees Voogd, Jorls Voogd, and Gerlof Woudstra
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