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Dark Naga (Race)

A Dark Naga

The Dark Naga were outcasts from the race of naga. They resided in the Ivory Kingdoms.

Origin Edit

The Dark Naga hatched from the Black Pearl cast his mind into the Akasha, the Naga communal mind, and connected him to the vast Shinomen Mori in its creatures. The Naar Teban, the Naga Abominations twisted by the Ashalan curse placed upon the Naga who crossed to the Burning Sands were reached by him. He also reached the abominations of the Ivory Kingdoms which had been under the will of Kali-Ma, and they were simply shifted to obey the Dark Naga's will. It had mastered all forms of serpent life, including the great orochi, or the Ningyo. [1]

One mind Edit

All who had been cast out from the Akasha, all returned to the Akasha by its power. The abominations joined him of their own free will, because the Dark Naga could restore their ability to feel the one mind. [1]

Shahismael Edit

The soul of Shahismael, the villain of the Bloodland Wars, [2] was one of those who joined the Dark Naga. [3]

War of Serpents Edit

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Leader Edit

Their leader was also called Dark Naga, and his death provoked the Dark Naga to cease their fight against the Empire. [4]

Known members of the Dark Naga Edit

Known Champions Edit

Dark Naga (1170) - 1199


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