The Dark Fortunes were corrupted mirrors of the Rokugani Thousand Fortunes. The first were created in 1173, following Daigotsu's death and rise as the new Master of Jigoku. [1] Shahai, Isawa Akuma and Susumu were named Dark Fortunes after Daigotsu, who was the first Dark Fortune. [2]

Worship[edit | edit source]

The Dark Fortunes were just as accessible to mortal prayer as their divine counterparts, and perhaps even more eager to answer them and thus secure mortal adherents. A Temple of the Dark Fortunes was built in the Imperial City Toshi Ranbo [3] in 1174. [4] They were capable of the same feats as traditional Fortunes. They could and would answer prayers, levy curses, and grant blessings. [5] The Order of the Thousand Fortunes quickly embraced these Fortunes among the rest they already venerated. [6]

Veneration of Daigotsu[edit | edit source]

Worship of Daigotsu was forbidden to all clans save the Spider Clan. [7]

Known Dark Fortunes[edit | edit source]


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