Dark Daughter of Fu Leng 
Dark Daughter of Fu Leng 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1158 
Parents: Doji Konishiko,
Fu Leng

The Dark Daughter of Fu Leng was the corrupted daughter of the Crane Thunder, lost centuries ago to the power of Fu Leng, and converted in Akutenshi. [1]

Appearence Edit

Dark Daughter was a very tall woman, with unadorned black hair falling loose to her waist. She wore a kimono of pure white - the sort most only wore to funerary ceremonies. The sleeves of her robes were dyed a dark brownish-red. Her beauty was indescribable, dark eyes painted with midnight purple, blood-red lips, and pale skin. She had long black fingernails. Dark Daughter lived in the Teeth of the Serpent. [1]

Stealing Souls Edit

Dark Daughter of Fu Leng 2

The Dark Daughter of Fu Leng

The Dark Daughter joyed to lure Crab bushi to kill them or take their souls. She was a murderess without compare and all denizens of the Shadowlands paid homage to her. Even the dread generals Moto Tsume and Tsukuro were respectful of her might. She could appear anywhere within the Shadowlands, standing at one moment at one point and at the next in another far away. [2]

Daigotsu Edit

After the Battle of Oblivion's Gate a bloodspeaker called Daigotsu started to gather minions of the Shadowlands to rise Fu Leng to his correct place in Rokugan. The Dark Daughter became his second in command. [1]

Death Edit

Shahai, the Dark Daughter


In 1158 the Dark Daughter of Fu Leng met Shahai when the bloodspeaker was seeking Daigotsu, in the Teeth of the Serpent. The Dark Daughter took Shahai to Daigotsu, to enslave her as any other lost. Shahai fought with the Dark Daughter and after a quick magic duel, Dark Daughter was killed. Shahai took her place beside Daigotsu, and the title of Dark Daughter of Fu Leng. [1]

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Dark Daughter of Fu Leng


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