Daigotsu family


Clan: Spider Clan 
Founded: 12th century 
Daimyo: Daigotsu Kanpeki

The Daigotsu family was comprised of members of the Lost who followed Daigotsu. [1]

History Edit

Creation Edit

The Daigotsu family was formed when Daigotsu founded the City of the Lost, a warrior family in his name, following the same conventions of fealty, obedience, and social rank as the Empire, but enlisting only Tainted and Lost bushi. [2] Since Daigotsu founded the Spider Clan, the Daigotsu family had become the ruling family of the Spider, and the greatest proponents of Shourido. [3] The Daimyo of the family was the Champion of the Spider Clan. [4]

Great Clan Edit

Great many of the Daigotsu were Tainted, used on the front lines of the Colonies. Those who accepted Daigotsu's touch had willingly accepted a greater risk and shorter life. Few Tainted Daigotsu rose high in the command structure of the family. [4]

Politics Edit

Daigotsu Daimyo Edit

The Spider Clan Champion had always been the daimyo of the Daigotsu family. [4]

Vassals of the Daigotsu Edit

The following were the vassal families of the Daigotsu:

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