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Daidoji Yurei 
Daidoji Yurei 
Born: 960 
Died: 998 
Parents: Daidoji Kimeiko 
Titles: Daidoji Daimyo

Daidoji Yurei was born in 960 on the battlefield when the Lion attacking Shiro no Yojin. He would try to retake the castle many times dring his lifetime, but it has remained in the hands of the Lion since it's taking. He was called "Chiyurei", or "bloodghost", by his enemies. [1] [2] Yurei was instrumental in the start of the Crane Civil War until his soul was destroyed by the Goju in the War Against Shadow.


Family Edit

Daidoji Kimeiko was his mother, [3] who died during the childbirth on the plains outside the fortress. [4]


Yurei became a feared general throughout Rokugan, and it was even rumored by peasants that Yurai was inhabited by all the souls of those who had died on the battlefield he had been born on. He maintained an uncomprimising hatred of the Lion Clan his entire life, and in his dedication to the destruction of the Lion he was the first general to ever use guerilla tactics in Rokugan. He would divide his army into smaller units that would ambush opponents, and whittle down opponents resources. [2]

Serpent's ToothEdit

The yari Serpent's Tooth was crafted for and wielded by Yurei. It was said that the magical yari hungered for the blood of Lion. [5]


Yurei died in combat against the Lion, and his death is remembered on the ninth day of the month of the Dog every year. [2]

Spirit Edit

It was said that the river below Shiro no Yojin was haunted by the spirits of those who died there. Once a year, on the seventh day of the month of the Snake, the Lion barred the gates to the castle. That night the spirit of Daidoji Yurei walked the plain outside the castle, and tore any Lion he found to bloody shreds. Since the Lion had held the castle only seven had been outside on that night, but all were found in pieces in the morning. [6]

Brief Appearance Edit

In 1122 during the Battle for Shiro no Yojin Yurei appeared briefly killing several Lion guards. The battle happened for a plan devised by the Scorpion, and the fighting spirits of the Legacy of the Forge were unleashed there. [7]

Daidoji Uji Edit

Yurei torn from Uji's soul

Yurei torn from Uji's soul

In 1132 Yurei sought his vengeance against the Lion, and appeared in the dreams of the current Daidoji Daimyo, Daidoji Uji. [8] Yurei whispered to Uji that he should retake Shiro no Yojin, and Uji willingly followed his ancestor's advice against the orders of the Crane Clan Champion, Doji Kuwanan. This was later considered the start of the Crane Civil War [9] Some time later Yurei was torn from his descendant's soul [10] and Yurei's soul was destroyed by the Nothing. The ancestors then began to be slaughtered in the Spirit Realms by the Shadows. [11]

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