Crippled Bone Runner

A Crippled Bone Nezumi

The Crippled Bone Tribe contained the military might of the Nezumi race. [1] Their berserkers were feared warriors. Proud and powerful, many of the most important figures in Nezumi history came from this tribe, the most important of which was Te'tik'kir.

Stubborn Edit

Crippled Bone were the most stubborn of Nezumi. Even when the old cities fell to Fu Leng, they refused to flee. They made their home in the deepest reaches of the Shadowlands, and though the darkness could not corrupt them it had changed them. They were savage warriors, remorseless and relentless. [2] The Crippled Bone was notorious for its unusually high number of Chitatchikkan, nezumi berserkers, and their eagerness to dispatch them in swift surgical strikes. [3]

Appearance Edit

Nezumi of the Crippled Bone tribe were typically larger than other Ratlings, with muscled frames scarred from years of constant fighting. Darker fur patterns were common, with gray and black being the most prevalent. [4]

Abandoned Edit

In the Terrible Day the great shaman of the dark lands made the land come alive to attack the Crippled Bone. The rest of the tribes fled, and the Crippled Bone remained south the dark lands, isolated from the rest of the nezumi. The messengers they sent to the Tattered Ear Tribe, requesting them to come to Heaven's Grave to make a new Tribe of One, did not return. The Crippled Bone thought they had been abandoned by the rest of the nezumi race. [5]

Crippled Bone's Dream Edit

The Crippled Bone chased the dream of a unified Nezumi, alongside with the other tribes in the north, forming into a single, powerful unit and ultimately defeat the Shadowlands. [6]

Dark Bargains Edit

The tribe was near to be destroyed by the ambition of his Nameseeker Te'tik'kir. He rew desperate, and secretly bargained with the Dark Oracles to force the Crippled Bone Chieftain, Mat'tck, to use the military power of the tribe to conquer the other tribes and form the One Tribe. [7]

Removed from their Ancestral Territory Edit

In 1126 the Dark Oracles had created the Elemental Terrors. [8] They had gathered humans to become their pawns. Mat'tck had been conducting scouting missions to a nearby fire mountain where they saw several Maho-tsukai who had come from all across the Shadowlands. When the nezumi were discovered, the humans, huge beasts created from the elements themselves, killed several warriors and mates. They pursued the tribe north for days until finally they crossed the Black Finger River. The horrid beasts were lurking not far to the south, and the tribe was unable to return to their territory. [9]

Claiming New Territory Edit

The Crippled Bone began an expansion of their territory north of the Shadowlands, killing any of the foul creatures they could. As a message the cunning nezumi ambushed and killed a Bog Hag, a feat no other tribe would dare to attempt. They were contacted by the Tattered Ear Tribe, which saw their appearance as a possible source of conflicts among both tribes, so they retreated their own territory north, deeper in the Shinomen Mori. [10] The Crippled Bone carved out their own territory. The brutal destruction of any Shadowlands beast within their new territory sent a strong message to the other Nezumi. [11] They laid claim to a stretch of the Shadowlands roughly 50 miles south of the Kaiu Wall, almost exactly in the center of the other tribes' lands. [12]

Betrayed by the Dark Oracles Edit

In 1127 [13] the Oracles betrayed Te'Tik'kir and the tribe was again attacked by a Shadowlands horde. Mat'tck was killed, and when the Dark Oracle of Earth mocked Te'Tik'kir, the nameseeker killed the Dark Oracle. [14]

One Tribe Edit

Te'Tik'Kir became the chieftain of the tribe, who he led until Kan'ok'ticheck became the Chief of Chiefs of the One Tribe. In 1165 the Tsuno and the Stained Paw Tribe lured the Crippled Bone to a trap in the Meeting Place. [14] Only the aid of a Grasping Paw Tribe party led by Ik'krt avoided his total destruction. This occured at the same time as Te'Tik'Kir was busy saving Kan'ok'ticheck. [15]

Military Duty Edit

Crippled Bone Berserker

A Crippled Bone Nezumi

The tribe became the military backbone of the One Tribe, which stood united against Tomorrow. The Crippled Bone Tribe territory was located in the Hiruma part of the Shadowlands since the Elemental Terrors pushed them out from the Heaven's Grave area. [16]

Crippled Paw Edit

When the Battle of Tomorrow came for the Nezumi, most of the Crippled Bone was in their tribal holdings beyond the Kaiu Wall. After losing most of their warriors to Tomorrow, they came under attack from hordes of goblins, and only the timely arrival of the last remnant of Stained Paw Tribe allowed them to survive. The two remnant groups banded together, under the name of Crippled Paw Tribe. It became the most powerful warrior tribe left among the Nezumi in the After Time. [17]

Chieftains Edit

The following represent the known chieftains of the Crippled Bone Tribe:

Ipchtik  ? - ?
Mat'tck  ? - 1127
Te'tik'kir 1127 - 1166
Pep'trchek 1166 - Trapped in Yume-do in 1169

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