The Council of the Spider was formed by Empress Iweko I [1] in 1174, during the stewardship of young Daigotsu Kanpeki and appointed its members. [2]

Regency Edit

No Spider was given regency over the clan, instead Mirumoto Ichizo was expelled from the Empire in shame to watch over the Spider and serve as Regent until Kanpeki is of age. [2]

Selection of the Members Edit

Because no Tainted were allowed on the Council, the Chuda family weren't given a seat and showed anger over this decision. Their protest was ignored by the Imperial Court, though. Daigotsu Tenbatsu, Michio, and Daigotsu Sahara were appointed as their first members. [2]

Dissolved Edit

Once Kanpeki came to age and became Champion of the Spider Clan in 1186, [3]the Council was dissolved. [2]

Known Members of the Council Edit

Regent Edit


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