Cobra Bloodline

A Cobra

The Cobra Bloodline were the masters of the Naga race's strange pearl magic and the most mutated. [1]

Pearl Magic Edit

No other Bloodline possessed the ability to coax the mystical secrets from the pearls that powered the Naga spells. Thus the Cobra were revered among the Naga for their unique gifts. Their eggs were placed near magical pearls until they hatched. This great power had a price, however, as the Cobra were the most mutated of the Naga Bloodlines and very few of them were completely without a severe physical mutation of some sort. These mutations made surviving the hatching process difficult for infant Cobras, and even more perished during their difficult youth. As a result, the Cobra were very rare. [2]

Demeanor Edit

Cobra were generally a secretive and somewhat sinister people. They prefered to keep their own company, though many were fascinated by human magic. [3] The Cobras were arrogant and dismissive of those they believed weaker than themselves. [4]

Physiology Edit

The Cobra put their eggs together with Magic Pearls, surrounded by Naga Jakla who through meditation funneled the strength of the Bright Eye into their rest. Cobra children who hatched from these eggs were the Masters of Naga magic. In the first year they could breath water, an ability which they lost when grew. Their featured hood was a wide flap of skin which extended to either side and above their head. [5]

History Edit

The First Naga War Edit

The expansionistic Asp used their poisons to destroy the lesser bloodlines during the Bloodland Wars. The Greensnakes were enslaved, while the Chameleons escaped to the sea. Before they could conquer the Cobra and Constrictor Bloodlines, the Asp leader, the Shahismael, was killed by his lieutenant, the Shahadet. [6]

Awakenings Edit

Cobra (Naga)

A Cobra female

Many naga jakla did not awaken during the Clan War despite the best efforts of his fellow Cobra. [7]

Known Cobra Leaders Edit

Shashakar Pre-calendar - ?

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