The Clawbiter Tribe was known as the "Lost Tribe", and it was considered defunct. Some belived it never existed, and it was an educational parable passed by the Rememberers, a tale of punishment for bad judgment and of a mythical 'holy land' that would one day be granted to the wandering tribes. [1]

Clawbiter's Tale Edit

Seeking Good Dawns Edit

After the Terrible Day the Clawbiter Tribe refused to believe that their ancient city, the City of the Good Dawn, had been completely lost. They hid in the far western Shadowlands, and searched for anything that would lead them to their lost home. [1]

Lands of Good Dawns Edit

One year, the tribe's Chieftain, Kichtai, claimed that his clan had found a secret pass that would lead to their lost city. He called his lost place the lands of the Good Dawns, recalling the paradise his homeland once was. Three warriors of the Crippled Bone Tribe agreed to travel with the Clawbiters. [2]

Destruction Edit

Months later, two of the Crippled Bone returned, along with a single pregnant Clawbiter female. They told a horrible tale of a dreadful Oni that lived within a shrouded city, crumbling and covered in shadows. There was a fight, a great darkness, and the Crippled Bone fled. The nezumi escaped through the tunnels while the female cast a sealing spell upon the demon, which was chasing them. Kichtai was never heard from again. [2]

Aftermath Edit

The two warriors died shortly after from their wounds. The rest of the Clawbiters were assumed to have been completely destroyed. The female, Chu'kai, and her litter were taken into the Crippled Bone. She was begged to tell them the way back to the city. She only turned away and never spoke again. The tale was considered to be the feverish ramblings of plague-sick Nezumi. [2]

Known Chieftains of the Clawbiter Tribe Edit

Kichtai  ? - ?


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