City of the Seventh Star

City of the Seventh Star

The City of the Seventh Star housed the last of the Ashalan, as the rest have been killed and lost to time. It was deep in the depths of the earth under Medinat al-Salaam. [1]

Secretive City Edit

To reach it was necessary to enter the sewers of the Jewel, which were plagued by ghuls, jackals, or even Assassins, and downstream the underground river, after a waterfall, it was located. [2]

Meeting Place Edit

The Council of Twelve made the meetings in the City. [3] Inside the city the Ishanti Crystal was placed. [4]

History Edit

Day of Wrath Edit

From the Day of Wrath the Ashalan hid from the might of Shilah, the Lady Sun, fearing she could repeat it. [5]

Founding Edit

After the Ashalan met the Goddess Shinjo in the year 50, they began to build the city. It would be necessary for a future that would come, and deeper caverns were dug beneath the settlement which would be known as Medinaat al-Salaam. They would guide their citizens while the Bahiya quest continued, and many jinn were bound to underground city, finishing it in a record time. [4]

Goddess Edit

In 332 Maymun built a crystal tomb for the Goddess Shinjo in the City. When the time would come, the Awakening would free her, and the magical enchantments of the Tomb of the Goddess would release the jinn of the Qanon from their human hosts, which would be instrumental in the defeat of the Jinn Lord Kaleel after its return. [4]

Awakening Edit

In 1132 the four Avatars, the four bahiya that contained missing souls from the Ashalan were gathered by Hojyn, and using the power of the Fallen Star released Shinjo from her imprisonment. [6]

Abandoned Edit

The human-led victory over the Khadi convinced the Ashalan that their time was over, and they abandoned the City of the Seventh Star. [7]

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