City of Dreams supposed to be one of the cities that the nezumi put in the Realm of Dreams in the Terrible Day. In 1165 its ancient ruins arose from the Shadowlands at Ikm'atch-tek's command. [1]

Deceit Edit

The real city, Chitachtr-foo, remained in I'thich. The City of Dreams was a copy made by Tsuno Nintai to gather the Stained Paw and put them under the command of Ikm'atch-tek, the Chief of Tomorrow, allied with the Tsuno. [2]

Stained Paw Warren Edit

The city became the warren of the Stained Paw, and from there they began to attack the rest of the nezumi tribes. Dream city was large and vast, a bastion of order in the chaotic Shadowlands. Towers of strange red steel clawed at the sky. Silver walls protected the buildings within. Patrols of Stained Paw Nezumi and Tsuno Ravagers circled the outskirts at all times, keeping guard against the wild beasts of the Shadowlands as well as any prying Nezumi eyes. [3]

One Tribe Edit

In 1166 during the Battle of One Tribe the city was attacked by the Chief of Chiefs, Kan'ok'ticheck and his One Tribe. The city became a trap when it was moved to the Realm of Slaughter, and Nezumi fought Nezumi. Nintai was restored as a Kitsu and betrayed his former brethren the Tsuno, moving the city to I'thich, where the Tsuno could not escape. [2]


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