Chuda Genkei

Chuda Genkei

Chuda Genkei was a tainted shugenja of the Spider Clan.

Messenger Edit

In 1169 after the Test of the Jade Champion ended, Daigotsu commanded Genkei to send a message to Omoni, who was still living in the Shadowlands. [1]

Fu Leng ejected from Jigoku Edit

In 1171 Daigotsu sent the Onyx Champion Isawa Fosuta, and the Obsidian Champion, Daigotsu Hotako on a special mission. Genkei and Daigotsu Minoko, who served them, found a man with long matted hair and sallow skin pulled too-tight over high cheekbones in a village. Genkei wanted to scream, wanted to dance, wanted to cry, wanted to kill everyone in the little village. They sent word to Daigotsu [2] that Fu Leng, currently a mortal man, had been found. He was escorted to the Fingers of Bone and kept in secrecy. [3]

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