Christopher Hand became part of the Story Team in February 2015. He is also an officer in the USAF and is a gorgeous man. [1]

About C Thomas Hand Edit

  • Name: C Thomas Hand
  • Nickname: Doji Azai; Shi-Tien Yen-Wang
  • Position: Writer for the Legend of the Five Rings Brand
  • Age: Timeless (32)

Works Edit


  • Solitary Fictions: #
  • Collaborated Fictions: #
  • Kills: #
  • Unnamed Kills: #
  • Total kills: #
  • Most written for faction: Crane, Phoenix
  • Least written for faction: N/A

On Screen KillsEdit

Off Screen KillsEdit


Unnamed KillsEdit


Factions Written forEdit

Crane, Phoenix, Scorpion

All - WC IV

Preceded by:
L5R Writer
2015 - Present
Succeeded by:

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