Born: Unknown 
Died: 1200 
Siblings: Tamori 
Titles: Master Sensei of the Mountain Home Dojo,
Dark Oracle of Fire

Agasha Chosai was the brother of Agasha Tamori, and the uncle of Agasha Shaitung. He became Tamori Chosai when the Agasha family of the Dragon Clan was renamed as Tamori family as a part of the treaty that ended the War of Spirits. He became the Dark Oracle of Fire Chosai after the death of his brother, who was the Dark Oracle at that time.

War of Spirits Edit

Chosai stood with his brother and joined the armies of the Hantei XVI. The terrible sights he saw, especially the massacre of the Phoenix children shattered him, and immediately after the war he retired from his Clan duties, but remained with his family to give guidance. [1]

Tamori Family Edit

Tamori Chosai

Tamori Chosai

Following his brother's fall into corruption during the War of Spirits he acted as a father to Shaitung. When the Emperor declared in 1151 via an Imperial Edict that the Agasha of the Dragon Clan were to be renamed the Tamori family it was Chosai who supported Shaitung and gave her the strength to lead their family through the dishonor. Chosai declined to be the Tamori daimyo because he felt aged and as a brother of the reviled Agasha Tamori the path of the new family under him would be more difficult. [2]

Mountain Home Dojo Edit

Chosai was the revered Master Sensei of the Mountain Home Dojo. [3]

Dark Oracle of Fire Awakened Edit

While Isawa Nakamuro remained as hostage he and Tamori Shaitung talked with Chosai. He told them that his brother could be redeemed, an opinion other shugenja did not share. [3]

Dragon-Phoenix War Edit

Isawa Nakamuro and Shaitung attempted to bring an end to the Dragon-Phoenix War by defeating the Dark Oracle of Fire Tamori. Nakamuro's investigation led them to Shiro Tamori, and aided by Asako Bairei they performed a ritual that allowed Hitomi Maya to find the Dark Covenant of Fire. Chosai struck down Bairei and Maya, taking the Covenant. Chosai admitted he had been responsible of the awakening of the Oracle, and claimed he had done it so Shaitung could defeat Tamori and cleanse the Tamori name. Shaitung convinced her uncle to stop his madness and he released the Covenant to the Tamori Daimyo. [2]

Dark Oracle of Fire Edit

When searching for Tamori to confront him they encountered Isawa Taeruko. Nakamuro uncovered the illusion, revealing that the Phoenix traitor had been Isawa Hochiu. Both Bairei and Nakamuro confronted Hochiu, but the fight was interrupted by the arrival of Tamori. Chosai used the Dark Covenant to demand Tamori face Hochiu in a duel. Tamori survived the duel, and incinerated Hochiu. Tamori was distracted long enough by Shaitung to allow Tsuge to kill him. Chosai became the next Dark Oracle of Fire, but Nakamuro used the Covenant to banish him from Rokugan and never return. [4]

Out of Rokugan Edit

Chosai had accepted to become a Dark Oracle only to end the endless pain of immolation that his dying brother had cursed him with. Chosai took residence deep in the mountains north of Rokugan, where he attracted a few small bands of Yobanjin who revered him as a fire god. The Dragon created the Northern Towers of Flame along the Empires northern edge to keep a constant vigil for Chosai and his minions. Daigotsu offered what aid he could Chosai, earning the Oracle's loyalty. [5]

The Dark Blessing of Fire Edit

Chosai granted his blessing rather freely, for it is only through his mortal agents that he might seek revenge against his former clan, the Dragon. While he might choose only one to bear his blessing at a time, he could use his magic to augment many agents to use against the Dragon who were finally consumed by the mystical energy Chosai wielded. [5]

The Khol Wall Edit

Chosai began to test the borders of Rokugan, and sent several attacks to the western border of the Empire, but they were repelled in the Khol Wall. [6] The unicorn discovered the source of them when Moto Zhijuan faced Chosai himself. The Moto was inside Rokugan borders, so Chosai could not harm him. [7]

Northern Dragon Border Edit

During the winter 1169-1170 Chosai had been increasing his attacks against the Dragon Clan's northern border of late. [8] The Northern Towers of Flame had suffered three assaults in one month from Yobanjin minions of the Dark Oracle, who set his men on fire without killing them, and used them for suicide attacks. They were easily repelled, because they only caused heat in their surroundings, only igniting through direct contact. [9]

Kali-Ma's ally Edit

Kali-Ma, the avatar of Shiva the Destroyer, and leader of the Cult of Ruhmal, sent the Ebon Daughter to meet in the Mountain of Fire with the Dark Oracle of Fire. Chosai had become an ally of her, who used her servants to help him attack Rokugan. In return Chosai would help which Kali-Ma desired, which was within the Empire, and she must acquire it at all costs. [9]

Yobanjin of Fire Edit

In the next years Chosai sent yobanjin against the northern Dragon border, bound to his will by hideous magics. When captured they burnt to death. [10]

Quest for the Dark Covenant Edit

In 1170 Chosai used his allegiance with Daigotsu to seek the Dark Covenant of Fire. Megumi came to visit him and was tasked with that quest, but she failed and died. [11]

War of Dark Fire Edit

Before the end of the year Chosai followed his own agenda, without knowledge of his supposed ally, Daiogtsu. A massive yobanjin army was assembled in the border of north Rokugan, and the Northern Towers of Flame were overrun to begin the assault of the Dragon territory. It was the beginning of the War of Dark Fire. [12]

Kanjiro Library Edit

The Army of Fire infiltrated in Michita Yasumi, seeking some sensible information in the Kanjiro Library. Despite their efforts Hiruma Scouts were given knowledge of the quest and the library was burned to deny it to Chosai. [13]

End of the War Edit

Despite suffering heavy causalties, the Army of Fire prepared for a final assault in 1172. They threw all of their efforts into a lunge for Toshi Ranbo, intending to kill the Divine Empress herself. While traversing the vast Dragon Heart Plains they were outmaneuvered by the Rokugani combined armies. During the subsequent battle, the Son of Fire, field commander of Chosai's army, was lured into a clever trap and killed. [14]

Destroyer War Edit

When the Destroyer War broke the Army of Fire returned to the Empire as part of his alliance with Kali-Ma and the Ebon Daughter. [15] A new Son of Fire commanded the Army, riding a wyrm of incredible size and power, known as the Great Wyrm. [16]

Karatsu Edit

Chosai was approached by the ronin tyrant Karatsu, who became his ally. Their forces attacked the Legion of Two Thousand but suffered a defeat in the Battle at the Palace of the Breaking Dawn. [17]

Return Edit

The Fire Covenant was seized by Daigotsu Eiya and Chosai was allowed to lift his ban from entering Rokugan. [18] He appeared at Shiro Tamori, now hidden under a pool of solidified lava since the Fall of Shiro Tamori. There he began his way of destruction killing several shugenja and awakening again the volcano Tamori's Furnace. [19] He arrived to the Togashi lands and destroyed a village. [20]

Trap is strung Edit

Chosai got news that Togashi Satsu's son was moved from his lair, and attacked a caravan. It was a decoy and he kidnapped one of its guards, Kitsuki Tsuboko. Upon torture she told the place where the boy was moving. Chosai ordered the Son of Fire to attack in a distant place to distract the attention of the Dragon, while he went to the fifth guardtower, near the Phoenix border. He found the Dragon and Phoenix had set a trap, and Isawa Mizuhiko appeared wielding Judgement [21] in the month of the Rooster. [22] The Tensai managed to wound Chosai, but he disengaged and fled. The Son of Fire would be the instrument of his revenge until he would fully recovered. [21]

Burning his own Power Edit

In 1176 the Dark Oracle of Void, Tonbo Toryu, came to visit Chosai, who called him because they were missing their chance to consolidate their power. Two Dark Oracles had been hunted by Mizuhiko, and Jigoku had not replaced them. Chosai believed that the bloodsword Judgement had trapped the souls of their siblings once they were killed. Toryu confirmed that when they became Dark Oracles, their earthly physicality was replaced by elemental energies replicating their mortal shells, and the bloodsword stole the direct conduit to the elemental essence of Jigoku itself. Chosai's conduit was also cut off, leaving him unable to replenish his Oracular powers. Each use of his power burned away his remaining physical form. He could be saved only when the blade had been destroyed. Toryu left, refusing to aid or plan with Chosai what to do. [23]

Death Edit

In 1200 the Oracles of Dark held a Conclave, but it was Tamori Wotan who attended it as Dark Oracle of Fire, so Chosai was presumed dead. [24]

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