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The Chipped Tooth Tribe were the mariners of the Nezumi, [1] having learned their ways from the Yasuki family. They maintained a close alliance with both the Yasuki and the Mantis Clan. [2]


The Chipped Tooth were distantly related to the Third Whisker Tribe, and they were protective of their reclusive cousins. [3]

Appearance and Abilities

Chipped Tooth Nezumi were smaller than most Ratlings. They tended to have sleek oily black coats that shed water, and in the [12th century]] they evolved to develope webs of skin between the digits of their paws. [3] They could find land by sniffing the air, even miles from shore. [4]


Gregarious, adventurous and eager for new experiences and sights, they were viewed as reckless by other Nezumi. The Chipped Tooth had very small land territory, in the Yasuki lands, but would spend most of their time in the open sea, which they considered their true domain. [2] Since they began to sail with the Mantis the Chipped Tooth established several burrows in the Islands of Spice and Silk. [3]



In 664 the Chipped Tooth Tribe joined the pirate Yasuki Fumoki as his crew. [5] The Yasuki Daimyo Yasuki Masami dispatched scouts to seek out the rumored surviving nezumi crew [3] after Fumoki died in 671. The Crab Clan Champion, Hida Tsuneko, also sought Fumoki's incredible treasures, but they could not be found. The Nezumi were offered positions in the Crab navy due to their great agility, adaptability and cunning, which made them excellent sailors. [6]

Mantis Crew

In the 12th century a secret arrangement between the Mantis and Yasuki led to a few Chipped Tooth Nezumi taking positions as crew on Mantis vessels. The Yasuki Merchants were paying the Chipped Tooth Ratlings quite well to spy on their Mantis competitors. They owned two kobune, the M-atflur-tk't and the S'sflur-tk'tk. [3]


When in 1169 the Chief of Chiefs Kan'ok'ticheck called the entire nezumi race to face Tomorrow, the Chipped Tooth did not answer the call. During the Battle of Tomorrow in Yume-do the nezumi faced and defeated Tomorrow but their link with the Mortal Realm was severed and did not return. Less than fifty nezumi remained at Rokugan. [7]


The following were the known chieftains of the Chipped Tooth Tribe:

Flurritek (c. 1126)
N'tuk (c. 1158)

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