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Reverence for Chikushudo

Reverence for Chikushudo

Chikushudo was the Realm of Animals. Any animal that existed in Ningen-do could be found there. [1]


The Realm of Animals looked almost exactly the same as Ningen-do, but with no humans. Within this realm might be found badgers, bats, cranes, dogs, foxes, hares, and monkeys, who could change their form at will and even take on human bodies. [2] A notable feature was the extinct volcano Kurokazan, which stood at the center of the realm, visible from anywhere in Chikushudo. [3]

Kharmic Wheel[]

Chikushudo was an offshoot of the Kharmic Wheel. [4] Souls that reincarnated as animals, were born in Chikushudo into animal bodies. Animals reincarnated as other kinds of animals until they were able to reincarnate as humans. [5]

Connection with other Realms[]

This realm was very close to Ningen-do, and could be sensed by all animals within the Mortal Realm. All souls reincarnated as animals must pass through Chikushudo. Chikushudo was the native realm for all animal spirits as well as Inari, Fortune of Rice, and hengeyokai, shape-shifters. [6] Chikushudo was also close to Sakkaku, and far from Gaki-do, Jigoku, Meido, and Toshigoku. It was closed to Tengoku. [5]


Kitsune Mori, the Fox Clan forest, had a passage to Chikushudo in the heart of the forest. Another passage, known only to animal spirits, was in a nondescript copse of trees within sight of Kyuden Doji, the Eye of the Needle. Some believed there might be passages deep in the Shinomen Mori. [5] Another portal to Chikushudo [7] was found in the area known as the Cliffs of Pekkle's Laughter. [8]

Realm Control[]

The beauty of its landscapes enthralled every creature that came there, an influence which was called Hitsu. Creatures under the influence of Hitsu began to think like an animal and took on physical traits of animals. [9]

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