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Chikara (sword)
Ancestral Sword of the Crab Clan
Created by: Kaiu
First used by: Hiruma
Currently in the possession of: Currently unused in Tengoku

Chikara, the Sword of the Crab Heir, [1] was forged by Kaiu, the first katana made in the Kaiu's Forge. [2] It was later wielded by Hiruma when he killed Oni no Hatsu Suru. [3]

Appearance Edit

It was a long, well made katana, formed from a near magical combination of steel and jade, jade symbols carved into the blade. The symbols were fused with the metal perfectly. The handle was carved from polished ebony covered in grey silk stitching. Chikara had been rendered all but unbreakable by Kaiu's Forge. [4]

Abilities Edit

Chikara could detect the presence of tainted creatures, its glow growing brighter the closer the creature got. Its wielder was immune to the Shadowlands Taint, and during combat the blade moved on its own, seeking the most vulnerable parts of the opponents. The jade in Chikara's blade did not rot while in the Shadowlands. [5]

Ancestral Sword of the Crab Clan Edit

Hiruma presenting Chikara to Hida

Hiruma presenting Chikara to Hida

The blade remained with Hiruma for many years until he presented it as a gift to Hida at the opening of Kyuden Hida. Since then it has been customary for the heir of the Crab Clan Champion to carry it, making it the Ancestral Weapon of the Crab. [6]

Nothing changed about the blade when it was passed to its next wielder except its saya, a new one created for every person it was given to. [5]

The Loss of the Sword Edit

When Amaterasu ordered that the Ancestral Swords be scattered among the heavens as retribution for the death of Onnotangu, Chikara was taken from Ningen-do and placed in Tengoku. [7]

Wielders of Chikara Edit

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