The Champions of Bushido were a group of seven samurai who defended a Juujiro Mura against a force of roughly four dozen armed bandits. The seven samurai were assembled by a monk known as Koan.

Rallying Support[edit | edit source]

Koan was part of an order of monks serving Goemon, the Fortune of Heroes. Initially the monk had tried to rally traditional support from local magistrates, but had failed to find anyone willing to pull the necessary resources from the ongoing conflict involving the City of the Rich Frog. Seeing this as a chance to create a lasting example of Bushido for others to follow, and lacking any other alternative, the monk instructed members of his order to encourage the seven samurai to come to the village for a variety of reasons. Events conspired to bring the seven samurai to the village of Juujiro Mura in 1165. [1] Once they were all there he told them of the impending doom the village faced. Despite being badly outnumbered and ill-prepared the seven chose to stand and fight. [2]

The Fight[edit | edit source]

At the start of the battle Asako Katsuhito, disguised in Shiba Danjuro's armor and wishing to make up for an untold sin he had commited in the past, charged into the bandit's ranks seeking to kill their shugenja. While Katsuhito was successful, he sustained serious wounds, and would die shortly after. Taking advantage of the confusion brought on my Katsuhito's attack Kakita Korihime, Shosuro Maru and Ikoma Fujimaro led the villagers in a charge against the bandits. In moments they would bring the bandit's numbers down by half. Not long after Danjuro and Bayushi Muhito would join the fight (Danjuro having just woken up from Katsuhito's spell to discover the Shugenga's sacrifice, and Muhito arriving at a critical moment to save Korihime's life). As the fight neared its end, the venerable Matsu deathseeker Matsu Masutaro challenged the bandit leader, Kobuta, to individual combat. Masutaro was unable to overcome the bandit's superior skill and younger age, but finally pinned him to a tree with his own body, and shoved his wakizashi through himself, and into his opponent killing them both. [3]

The Champions[edit | edit source]

Each of the Champions represented one of the Seven Virtues of Bushido.

New Champions[edit | edit source]

Some time later new Champion of Chugo was selected


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