The Champion of Ningen-do fought every thousand years against the Champion of Jigoku for the control over Ningen-do.

Confrontation Edit

Jigoku sought to spread its corruption through the Mortal Realm, while the powers of the Celestial Heavens sought to leave Ningen-do free to seek its own fate. In every age, there was a confrontation between the Champions of both realms, the Champion of Jigoku, [1] and the Champion of Ningen-do. [2]

Celestial Tournament Edit

In 1170 the Celestial Heavens chose their new agent on Ningen-Do through the Celestial Tournament, and Iweko I became the Champion of Ningen-do. Jigoku also saw fit to choose a new representative, [3] Kali-Ma. [4]

Known Champions of Ningen-do Edit

Era Champion of Ningen-do Defeated
Pre-Calendar Muhonarak Rakshasa
Pre-Calendar Izumo Kishenku
1st century
Day of Thunder
The Seven Thunders Fu Leng
12th century, 1128
Second Day of Thunder
The Second Seven Thunders Fu Leng
1170- Present
Destroyer War
Iweko I Kali-Ma


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