Born: Unknown 
Died: 389 
Parents: Rtch't'tok

Ch'tik was son to Rtch't'tok, the most prominent shaman and a venerated elder of the Forever Racing Tomorrow Tribe. Ch'tik was expected to become the next chieftain of the tribe. [1]

Village Plagued by the Darkness Edit

Ch'tik returned from a scouting expedition north into the Crab lands with a bizarre tale. A secluded human village had only activity during night, and the humans there were somehow empty, full of darkness instead of life. The Chieftain's tribe belittled Ch'tik's account, so father and son came to the village to investigate. [1]

Attacked by the Nothing Edit

Ch'tik fell beneath their blackened claws, and Rtch't'tok's Name Magic did not work, as he could not take what they did not had. Rtch't'tok survived due thanks only to a crystal talisman he wore around his neck. During his escape he could sense something that might once have been his son watching him. [2]

Aftermath Edit

When the shaman returned the tribal chieftain disregarded Rtch't'tok's story, so he took his followers and moved to the great rock where the shaman had gotten his talisman, founding the Crooked Tail [3] in 389. [4] The Crooked Tail moved to Drawing-Out-Darkness-Rock, a great crystal outcropping northwest of the Shadowlands. [5]


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