Celestial Alliance

The Celestial Alliance

Celestial Alliance was a collection of heroes throughout the Burning Sands - free jinn, sahir, the beings known as the Qanon, and mighty soldiers. They rose up to oppose Kaleel and his Legion, [1] [2] the Khayel. [3]

Agenda Edit

For so long the power of the Sun had dominated the Burning Sands, and the celestial Alliance sought to restore the balancing power of the Moon to the land. [citation needed]

History Edit

Founding Edit

The Celestial Alliance was born of a pact made in the First Jinn War as the first and last line of defense against the Kaleel's Legion. [4] Whose only role was to protect the Younger Races from the Legion of the Dark God. [5]

After the Day of Wrath Edit

When the first free Jinn decided to flee the tyranny and slavery of man after the Day of Wrath they took service as equals with Sahir. They whispered power into their lords' ears and when their lords died, they took on the guise of the mortal in order to remain hidden until the time was right. As time passed they sought out and freed a number of their brethren. Soon they realised that a place to live away from the humans was needed. So a city was created to house them. Floating some distance of the ground, the Jinn city remained hidden at this point, its location known only to a select few in order to protect it from the dark Jinn and humans. [citation needed]

Defection Edit

In 1131 the Ashalan and the Keepers of the Chronicle abandoned the alliance at the eve of war. [6] An ebonite, Pashal began a quest to find them. [5]

Shattering of the Jewel Edit

In 1132 the Erba'a Alliance began the siege of the Jewel. The battle was long and bloody, but in the end, the defenders of the city won, with the aid of the Senpet and the help of the Celestial Alliance. [7]

Following the Lying Darkness Edit

After Sayel, the being known by the Moto as the Lying Darkness, consumed the jinn Kaleel when he was defeated by the Alliance, the Kaleel's brother Israk managed to funnel it into the heavens, where beings greater than those of the world could hope to oppose it. The Celestial Alliance knew that would not be enough, and the heroes of the last Age, along with most of the Ashalan and Ra'Shari, rose into the heavens to oppose them. [1] A seventh star appeared in the sky, as recognition of their sacrifice. [8] It was called the Morning Star. [9]

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