Call to Arms

Clan War: Call to Arms cover

Call to Arms was a sourcebook for Legend of the Five Rings which contains three scenarios for Clan War Miniatures Game. Clan War enters the Hidden Emperor story arc: three years after the Day of Thunder, the Jade Empire is in its infancy when Emperor Toturi vanishes without a trace. Amid a flurry of accusations, the Scorpion Clan is exiled from Rokugan. At the same time, the rest of the Empire bristles with activity; the search for the missing Emperor begins, the Naga inexplicably launch a furious attack against the Dragon, Yoritomo and his minor clan armies begin to conquer and claim large amounts of territory, and the Crab launch a campaign to reclaim the long lost Hiruma Castle deep within the Shadowlands.

Credits Edit

  • Written by: Ken Carpenter, Steve Hough, Jim Long, Tom Phillips, and Ree Soesbee
  • Cover Artwork: Carl Frank
  • Interior Artwork: beet, Cris Dornaus, Mark Evans, Edward Fetterman, Carl Frank, Daerick Gröss, Sr., Mike Hawthorne, Scott James, Ben Peck, Michael Phillippi, and Erik Polak
  • Graphic Design: Steve Hough
  • Miniatures Painting: Mike Ernst, Tyson Koch, Shawn Marcione, Frank Martin, and Tom Phillips
  • Layout: Steve Hough
  • Editing: D.J. Trindle
  • Clan War and Clan War Daimyo Edition: Ken Carpenter
  • Clan War Design Team: Mike Ernst, Marcelo Figueroa, Steve Hough, and Tom Phillips
  • Playtesters: Jim Callahan, David Abate, Rob Bowes, Nick Cuaresma, CJ Dunnigan, Greg Ortiz, Eric Silveira, Bob King, Sam Kennedy, Don Lynch, Pete Orphanos, Mark Perneta, Boyd KLeen, Tony Rodgers, Robert Morris, Chad Richardson, Mark Rodgers, Nathan Rodgers, Paul Rodgers, Geoffrey Schaller, Joe Keyser, Mark Shurtleff, Tracy Harms and Max Harms

Contents (page 1) Edit

“Toku's Legacy” (page 2) Edit

Clarifications and Errata (page 6) Edit

Regions of Rokugan (page 14) Edit

“Exile of the Scorpion” (page 18) Edit

Revised Forces (page 24) Edit

The Awakening (page 27) Edit

  • A brutal Yoritomo army to use in the Clan War Miniatures Game.

New Forces (page 31) Edit

Silent Attack (page 33) Edit

Reinforcements (page 41) Edit

  • Rules for adding reinforcements to the Clan War Miniatures Game.

Retribution (page 44) Edit

The Rolling Wave (page 53) Edit

  • A Fearsome Lion army to use in the Clan War Miniatures Game.

Wake of the Alliance (page 57) Edit

  • A Clan War scenario with the Lion defending their territories from Yoritomo's Alliance of Minor Clans. Yoritomo failed in his attempt to strike a Lion castle, after Matsu Hiro warned his Clan about the impeding attack. The timely arrival of Ikoma Tsanuri halted the enemy invasion, but Yoritomo had shown his might daring to confront the fierce Lion Clan.
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