A Bushi

Literally, warrior, a bushi was a follower of Bushido, the code of honor traditionally held by the samurai caste of Rokugan. This usually entailed direct adherence to the Seven Virtues of Bushido as well as demonstrating martial skill. Traditionally, if wearing a sword was the privilege of a samurai, wearing the daisho, the pair of short and long swords, was the mark of bushi.

Bushi of Rokugan Edit

Because of the importance of bushi in the samurai caste, all of the Great Clans sponsored at least one important bushi school, always within the most martially inclined of their families. Even the Minor Clans had their own bushi schools, although not all did. Some, such as the Dragonfly Clan were allowed to study in schools of the Mirumoto and Shiba family due to their connections with those clans.[citation needed]

Clan Family School
Crab Clan Hida family Hida Bushi
Hida family Champion's Guard (Path)
Hida family Hida Elite Guard (Path)
Hida family Tetsubo Duelist (Path)
Hida family Tsuru's Legion (Path)
Hida family Hida Avenger
Hida family Hida Berserker
Hida family Hida Pragmatist
Hida family Hida Wrestler
Hiruma family Hiruma Bushi
Hiruma family Hiruma Elite Guard (Path)
Hiruma family Hiruma Yojimbo (Path)
Hiruma family Hiruma Scout
Hiruma family Hiruma Grappler (Path)
Hiruma family Hiruma Slayer (Path)
Hiruma family Hiruma Sniper (Path)
Kaiu family Kaiu Engineer
Kaiu family Kaiu Siege Master
Kuni family Kuni Witch Hunter (Bushi)
Kuni family Kuni House Guard (Path)
Kuni family Kuni Command Staff (Path)
Kuni family Watcher of the Damned
Toritaka family Toritaka Bushi
Toritaka family Falcon's Strike (Path)
Yasuki family Yasuki Enforcer (Path)
Yasuki family Yasuki Taskmaster
Yasuki family Yasuki Elite Guard (Path)
Yasuki family Yasuki Peacekeeper (Path)
Any family Crab Berserker (Path)
Hida family, Hiruma family Crab Defender (Path)
Any family Crab Knife-Fighters (Path)
Any family Crab Sumai (Path)
Any family Damned Berserker
Any family Defender of the Wall
Any family Falcon's Wings (Path)
Any family Guardian of the Bear (Path)
Any family Order of the Stone Crab (Path)
Crane Clan Asahina family Asahina Archer (Path)
Daidoji family Daidoji Harrier (Disbanded)
Daidoji family Daidoji Iron Warriors
Daidoji family Crane Elite Spearman (Path)
Daidoji family Daidoji Heavy Regular (Path)
Daidoji family Daidoji Scout
Daidoji family Daidoji Yojimbo
Daidoji family Daidoji Duelist (Path)
Daidoji family Daidoji Spy (Path)
Doji family Doji Elite Guard (Path)
Doji family Doji's Fan (Path)
Doji family Doji Magistrate
Doji family Tsume Pikemen (Path)
Kakita family Kakita Bushi
Kakita family Doji Warrior-Poet (Path)
Kakita family Hoturi's Blade (Path)
Kakita family Kakita House Guard (Path)
Kakita family Kenshinzen
Any family Empress' Guard (Path)
Dragon Clan Kitsuki family Kitsuki Justicar (Path)
Kitsuki family Jotomon's Shinrai
Mirumoto family Hojatsu's Legacy
Mirumoto family Mirumoto Bushi
Mirumoto family Dragon Talons (Path)
Mirumoto family Dragon's Flame Archer (Path)
Mirumoto family Dragon's Wind (Path)
Mirumoto family Mirumoto Duelist (Path)
Mirumoto family Mirumoto Elite Guard (Path)
Mirumoto family Mirumoto Mountaineer (Path)
Mirumoto family Mirumoto Sentinel (Path)
Mirumoto family Nemuranai Seeker (Path)
Mirumoto family Nightingale Samurai (Path)
Mirumoto family Mirumoto Master Sensei
Mirumoto family Mirumoto Taoist Swordsman
Mirumoto family Swordmasters
Any family Students of the Tao (Bushi)
Lion Clan Akodo family Akodo Bushi
Akodo family Akodo Elite Guard (Path)
Akodo family Akodo Forward Sentries (Path)
Akodo family Akodo Kensai (Path)
Akodo family Akodo Scout (Path)
Akodo family Akodo Siege Strategist (Path)
Akodo family Tsuko's Heart (Path)
Akodo family Akodo War College
Ikoma family Ikoma Brawler
Ikoma family Ikoma Elite Guardians
Ikoma family Ikoma Tactical School
Ikoma family Ikoma Lion's Shadow
Ikoma family Ikoma Scrapper (Path)
Matsu family Lion's Pride
Matsu family Matsu Beastmaster
Matsu family Matsu Berserker
Matsu family Matsu Duelist (Path)
Matsu family Lioness Legion (Path)
Matsu family Matsu Elite Guard (Path)
Matsu family Matsu Bushi
Any family De Bellis Legionnaire (Path)
Any family Deathseeker (Path)
Any family Fujimaro's Legion (Path)
Any family Lion Elite Spearmen
Any family Lion Kensai
Any family Lion Paragon (path)
Any family Lion Scout (path)
Any family Lion Warden (Path)
Mantis Clan Moshi family Moshi Guardian of the Sun (Path)
Moshi family Moshi Duelist
Tsuruchi family Tsuruchi Archer
Tsuruchi family Tsuruchi Bounty Hunter
Tsuruchi family Tsuruchi Master Bowman (Path)
Tsuruchi family Tsuruchi Swordsman (Path)
Tsuruchi family Tsuruchi Magistrate
Yoritomo family Kobune Captain
Yoritomo family Yoritomo Bushi
Yoritomo family Whirlwind Duelist (Path)
Yoritomo family Yoritomo Elite Guard (Path)
Yoritomo family Yoritomo Kobune Pilot (Path)
Yoritomo family Yoritomo Marines (Path)
Yoritomo family Yoritomo Scoundrel (Path)
Any family Cliff's Edge Student
Any family Mantis Brawler
Any family Kitsune Ranger
Any family Orochi Riders (Bushi)
Naga - Naga Bushi
- Naga Scout
- Naga Slayer
Nezumi - Nezumi Warrior
Kenku - Kenku Swordsman
Phoenix Clan Shiba family Shiba Bushi
Shiba family Defenders of Uikku (Path)
Shiba family Elemental Legion (Path)
Shiba family Legion of Flame (Path)
Shiba family Provincial Guard (Path)
Shiba family Shiba Armorsmith (Path)
Shiba family Shiba Elite Guard (Path)
Shiba family Shiba Iaijutsu Duelist (Path)
Shiba family Shiba Naginata Duelist (Path)
Shiba family Shiba Yojimbo
Shiba family Order of Chikai (Path)
Shiba family Order of the Bent Knee
Any family Brotherhood of Heaven's Wing
Scorpion Clan Bayushi family Bayushi Bushi
Bayushi family Bayushi Defender (Path)
Bayushi family Bayushi Elite Guard (Path)
Bayushi family Bayushi Violator (Path)
Bayushi family Bitter Lies Swordsman (Path)
Bayushi family Saigo's Blades (Path)
Bayushi family Scorpion Claws (Path)
Bayushi family Scorpion Weaponmaster (Path)
Shosuro family Shosuro Champion
Soshi family Soshi Magistrate
Any family The Scorpion's Tail
Spider Clan Daigotsu family Daigotsu Bushi
Daigotsu family Daigotsu Scout (Path)
Daigotsu family Obsidian Magistrate (Path)
Daigotsu family Daigotsu's Legion
Daigotsu family Champion of the Lost (Path)
Daigotsu family Daigotsu's Elite Guard (Path)
Daigotsu family Spider Heavy Elite (Path)
Any family Colonial Conqueror
Any family Obsidian Claw Duelist
Any family Obsidian Warrior
Unicorn Clan Ide family Ide Duelist
Iuchi family Iuchi Scout
Moto family Moto Bushi
Moto family Moto Acrobat (Path)
Moto family Moto Fanatics (Path)
Moto family Moto Vindicator
Moto family White Guard
Shinjo family Shinjo Bushi
Shinjo family Master Horse Archer (Path)
Shinjo family Master of the Winds (Path)
Shinjo family Shinjo Elite Guard (Path)
Shinjo family Shinjo Horsebowman (Path)
Shinjo family Vigilant (Path)
Shinjo family Shinjo Magistrate
Shinjo family Shinjo Scout
Utaku family Utaku Battle Maiden
Utaku family Utaku Mounted Infantry
Any family Baraunghar Warrior (Path)
Any family Bariqu Wrestler (Path)
Any family Calm Heart Duelist (Path)
Any family Junghar Defender (Path)
Any family Khol Raider (Path)
Any family Shinomen Guard
Any family Unicorn Yomanri Archer
Any family War Dog Master
Imperial families Miya family Satoshi's Legacy (Path)
Seppun family Seppun Guardsman
Seppun family The Rising Sun (Path)
Seppun family Seppun Duelist (Bushi) (Path)
Seppun family Seppun Magistrate (Path)
Toturi family Toturi Bushi
Any family Emerald Magistrate
Any family Kenburo's Way (Path)
Any family Student of the Ruby Dojo
Any Clan Any family Second City Guardsmen (Path)
Serpent Hunter (Path)
Crab, Unicorn, and Mantis Rajya ke Varisa
Badger Clan Ichiro family Ichiro Bushi
Ichiro family Badger Mercenary (Path)
Ichiro family Badger Sumai (Path)
Ichiro family Ichiro Pass Warden (Path)
Bat Clan Komori family None
Boar Clan Heichi family Heichi Bushi
Dragonfly Clan Tonbo family Mirumoto Bushi or Shiba Bushi, disbanded Dragonfly Bushi
Hare Clan Usagi family Usagi Bushi
Usagi family Usagi Woodsman (Path)
Ujina family Ujina Skirmisher (Path)
Monkey Clan Toku family Toku Bushi
Oriole Clan Tsi family Tsi Blacksmith
Ox Clan Morito family Morito Bushi
Morito family Morito House Guard (Path)
Morito family Ox Sentry (Path)
Morito family Ox Clan Vigilant (Path)
Sparrow Clan Suzume family Suzume Bushi
Suzume family Suzume Duelist (Path)
Suzume family Suzume Scout (Path)
Suzume family Suzume Storyteller (Path)
Tortoise Clan Kasuga family Kasuga Bushi
Kasuga family Kasuga Deceiver
Kasuga family Tortoise Guard
Kasuga family Tortoise Killer
Wasp Clan Tsuruchi family Tsuruchi Bounty Hunter
Ronin The Machi-Kanshisha
The Broken Guard (Path)
Fireman Gang Lord (Path)
Flight of Innocence (Path)
Forest-Killers (Path)
The Gaze of Sun Tao (Path)
The Hidden Weapon (Path)
Law of the Heavens (Path)
The Poisoned Frog (Path)
The Sword of Yotsu (Path)
The Tessen (Path)
Wolf Legion (Path)
Any Minor Clan Minor Clan Defender
Minor Clan Sumai Master
Woodland Tracker (Path)
Three Man Alliance Soldiers of the Three Man Alliance
Shadowlands Dark Moto Dark Moto Cavalry
Lost Maho Bujin
Ogre Ogre Bushi
Tsuno Tsuno Ravager
Tsuno Duelist (Path)
Tsuno Elite Guard (Path)

Bushi of the Shadowlands Edit

Daigotsu's Legion was the first bushi school among the Lost. [1]


  1. Art of the Duel, p. 126

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