Burning Words
Kamoko leading the Dark Moto
Created by: Fu Leng
Shi-Tien Yen-Wang
First used by: Moto Tsume
Currently in the possession of: Unknown

The Burning Words was a contract made between Fu Leng and the Shi-Tien Yen-Wang. Some accounts told that the prophecy of the Burning Words were the last words that Shinsei spoke while in the Empire. [1]

Dark Moto Edit

The deal was that the Shi-Tien Yen-Wang would drive the Moto into the Shadowlands on the condition that once Fu Leng was finished tainting their bodies, the Lords would gain control of their souls. This contract led to the rise of the Dark Moto. [2]

The Burning Words first passed to Moto Tsume, who became the first Moto to join the Ninth Kami. [2]

Prophecy Edit

Inside the written account was a prophecy, which told of a True Moto who would strike down his brethren. To fulfill this prophecy Kuni Yori gave the Burning Words to Iuchi Shahai in 1132, who willingly accepted the quest to find the Unicorn hero. This meeting had secretely been watched Kyoso no Oni. [3]

The Prophecy Begins Edit

After the return of Shinjo, Otaku Kamoko found her purge of the Unicorn distasteful, despite cleansing the clan from kolat. She was later left behind during Shinjo's assault on Otosan Uchi, at which point Shahai approached her and talk about the soul of the deads that were been slaughtering in the Spirit Realms. Kamoko, fearing for the destiny of her mother's soul [4] rode with Shahai deep in the Shadowlands, to Volturnum. There Kamoko passed unharmed between the ranks of the Dark Moto and saw her mother spirit, beside Adorai's Gate. Shahai offered her the Words but Kamoko initially refused. The Thunder heard the voice of Kyoso no Oni in her mind promising to protect her against the taint. In return Kyoso would be hidden inside Kamoko's soul, to have an opportunity to be near her mutual enemy Moto Tsume. Kamoko accepted becoming the Dark Moto leader, and immediately struck down Shahai, because if she must give her life for the Unicorn, then so would Shahai [5] without knowing the bloodspeaker anticipated this movement and raised fully healed by a ritual performed before the meeting. [6]

Deal Cancelled Edit

The Burning Words were nullified when a tainted Otaku Kamoko tricked the Dark Moto into an ambush and were decimated in the Battle of Twilight Mountains in 1133. [7] The Shi-Tien Yen-Wang condemned Fu Leng for his incompetence, and since vowed never to work with the Dark Kami again. [8]

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