Born: (c. late 4th century
Died: 1168

Bunrakuken was the leader of the Anshin sect. He walked a False Path becoming the Prophet of the Dead Moon and master of the Cult of the Dead Moon. Bunrakuken was said to be immortal and none truly know his age or where he came from.

Anshin sect Edit

In the 5th century Bunrakuken was the leader of the Anshin sect, who believed enlightenment could be found by separation from the troubles of the physical world, so they separated themselves from politics and in-fighting. [1]

Agents of the Hantei Edit

In 428 during the first Gozoku the Emperor Hantei Kusada requested the Brotherhood of Shinsei to became the Agents of the Hantei, [2] spying on the Gozoku consortium. Bunrakuken agreed to assist the Hantei, putting aside their beliefs. Seven months later, four Anshin monks were apprehended while spying on the Crane Clan Champion and executed. Bunrakuken felt betrayed when the Emperor did nothing to save them. The Anshin retreated deep into the Seikitsu Mountains. [1]

Cult of Onnotangu Edit

The monks found an ancient temple within a cave, which had been devoted to Onnotangu. Bunrakuken threw away the teachings of the Tao, embracing the path of the Lord Moon. Those Anshin monks who did not wish to follow him were assassinated. In that moment, the Anshin monks were no more, and the Cult of Onnotangu began. [3]

Following "Onnotangu" Edit

The spirit of Onnotangu, or they believed so, counseled the cultists, which gained strange and wondrous powers in return of bloody human sacrifices. The Cult grew slowly over centuries. The spirit the monks had found was a powerful kansen which had corrupted the brothers, who unknowningly had fallen to the taint. [4]

Death of Onnotangu Edit

In 1132 the cultists were aware that Hitomi had sent her Kikage Zumi to seek the Lord Moon artifacts, in her idea to kill Lord Moon and took his place. Bunrakuken sent his favored student Roshungi to oppose the Dragon efforts. He was no match for them, altough he complicated their search. [5]

After the Death of Lord Moon Edit

Bunrakuken dedicated his life to bringing Lord Moon back to the Ningen-do. [6] Devoted to Onnotangu, Bunrakuken and his brothers followed the Shadow Dragon as the only remnant of Lord Moon after his death. [7]

Mori Kage Castle Edit

In 1150 the Seikitsu Pass was opened [8] and the cult drew away from the Seikitsu Mountains due to the activity of Lord Sun. Bunrakuken led his followers to Shiro Mori Kage, where they made their new home within the cursed ruins of Mori Kage and begun their rituals anew. [9]

Eager Enemies Edit

The Hare Clan spied on the activities of the Cult of the Dead Moon, created by Bunrakuken, being Kashira the most devoted to these missions. [10]

Return of Onnotangu Edit

Bunrakuken knew that the Hantei family line, supposed to have ended with the death of Hantei XXXIX, was returned to Rokugan embodied by the lost son, Daigotsu. He also knew that Fu Leng, a Kami fated to rise every thousand years, had returned before the next Day of Thunder, released from Meido to open the gates of Jigoku wide. If both could return, Onnotangu could as well, and began the preparations to do it. [11]

Shinsei's descendant is exposed Edit

Around 1165 his servant Rigori had tortured a Miya Herald, who carried a scroll that informed of the Rosoku's Challenges of Enlightenment. Bunrakuken realized that the descendant of Shinsei had been exposed coming out of hiding, and informed his master the Shadow Dragon. [7]

Obsidian Dragon Edit

In 1168 Bunrakuken's followers were preparing the ritual that would raise the dead Moon. They kidnapped a dozen peasant children from Phoenix villages to the south, and they killed a magistrate sent to investigate. It drew the attention of Shiba Mirabu, the Phoenix Clan Champion, who sent Shiba Jouta to seek answers. The Phoenix was aided by the ronin Motaro, who was the Scorpion Bayushi Muhito in disguise, sent by his charge Shosuro Maru, who had noticed the cultists activities. The Obsidian Dragon, heir of Onnotangu, was instrumental in Maru's knowledge. [12]

Death Edit

Bunrakuken was killed by Jouta, mere hours before he was to resurrect Onnotangu in the Mountains of the Phoenix. [12]


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