The Bright Eye was one of the Naga race's twin avatars for Myth and Lore. The Bright and the Pale Eyes were the twin eyes of Atman, the Bright Eye seeing all that was good in the world. [1]

The Bright Eye was usually used by the Naga as the name for the Sun, although it may not have been considered the same deity as Amaterasu (or later Yakamo). [2] While they did not consider the Bright Eye to be a “god” the Naga did think of it as portals to the Akasha, necessary in order to understand the balance of all things. [3]

Ashalan-Naga War Edit

The Ashalan had some sort of ancient, bloody feud with the Naga. [4] The Naga and Ashalan war was so destructive that the Bright Eye was forced to end it and placed a curse upon both races. The Naga could not leave their territory and the Ashalan could not enter the Naga's. The curse would twist any member of the race that breaked the curse, turning them into abominations to their respective race. This conflict stood for centuries, as the races were very long lived and knew how to hold a grudge. [5]

A Naga legend told the curse in a different way, as a side-effect provoked after the Ashgara released the Bright Eye from the Dark Well. [6]


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