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Bog hag

A Bog Hags' natural form was a loathsome green crone with sharp nails and jagged teeth. It thrived on stealing the skin from its human victims, especially beautiful young women. It wore the skin like a suit, and could even masquerade as the victim for a short while. [1]


Bog Hags were meat-eaters and enjoyed the taste of human flesh, especially women and children. [2] They lived in swamps and rivers, and used to wait in a body of water near a human community for a potential victim. As long as the hag could maintain a regular supply of food, its lifespan was indefinite, and regenerated even serious injuries when slaying a new victim. [3] The hags infiltrated Rokugan through the bodies of those so foolish to be alone near water inside the Shadowlands, or through various waterways that lead north into the Empire. [4]


Bog hags were a solitary race, viciously territorial and would fight to the death over their hunting grounds. As they aged, they became more likely to assemble in groups called covens in order to better defend their cumulative territory. [4] It had been known that some of the most powerful of Bog Hag lived among the Rokugani, keeping an entire “wardrobe” of skins, preserved with secret maho spells. [5]

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Bog Hag

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