Bloodland Wars
Naga Empire
Date: 700 years before the Great Sleep [1]
Major Forces:
Asp Bloodline,
Five Kingdoms
The Shahismael,
the Shahadet,
the Qatol
Battles of Rokugan

The Bloodland Wars was the fight between the Naga Bloodlines in the age when the Five Kingdoms ruled Rokugan. The fight was so fierce that land had indeed turned to blood. [2]

The Shahismael Edit

It was started by the mad Shahismael, lord of the Asp Bloodline. He conquered the Greensnake kingdom, and then the Constrictor. They attacked the Cobra, who began to give Magic Pearls to their eggs. Despite mild abominations, they were the masters of the Naga magic and drove back the Asp. [3] The Asp used the Greensnakes' scientific knowledge to advance their warrior culture. [1] The war ended when the Shahadet, the Shahismael's first lietunenant, betrayed and defeated his Lord. [4]

Aftermath Edit

The Qatol, one of the Shahismael's most powerful underlings, had realized that he could hear the screams of their enemies through the Akasha. [1] He had drawn the forces of the Cobra and the Constrictor to his side, and he overthrew the reign of the Asp, freeing the Naga. The great constrictor vedic the Galishavi, opened the gates of the Akasha to all the Naga, which marked the beginning of the Naga Empire. [5] The city of Kalpa was founded, to remain aloof from the divisions of birth and blood, homeland of the entire Naga race. [6]


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