Blood Feud

Engaged in a blood feud

A blood feud was a deadly and often legal vendetta against another person. Almost any kind of offense could start a blood feud, but it was usually declared when a samurai died needlessly at the hands of another. The victim (if he was dishonored or wronged rather than killed) and his immediate family were the only ones who might participate in the feud. [1]

Declaring a Blood Feud Edit

In order for a blood feud to be legal, written consent from both family's daimyo was required. [2] After that, it was as though the family declared war on the offending party or parties. No one save for the Emperor could intervene unless they wanted to damage the feuding family's honor and incur their wrath as well. [1]

Unnofficial Blood Feuds Edit

Those people who had an enmity against another, driving their lifes with the only goal to doom another person where also known as Blood Feuds. [citation needed]

Notable Feuds Edit

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