Blood Hunt
Location: Rokugan
Date: 1166
Major Forces: Imperial Legions, Shogun's Forces, Isawa Sezaru's forces, Jade Legion, Bloodspeakers
Generals: Imperial Legion Commanders, Kaneka, Isawa Sezaru, Unknown
Battles of Rokugan

The Blood Hunt was a joint effort in 1166 by the Imperial Legions, Shogun's forces, Isawa Sezaru's forces and the Jade Magistrates to destroy any Bloodspeaker cells discovered in the Empire. [1]

Temple of Osano-Wo Edit

Yoritomo Egumi led the Ninth Imperial Legion against bloodspeakers in Crab lands at the Temple of Osano-Wo. [2]

Kudo Edit

Egumi and his men travelled to Kudo where they rooted out another bloodspeaker cell with the assistance of the Grasping Paw Tribe led by Chi'kel. [2]

Ox Lands Edit

Yogo Koji was sent to the lands of the Ox Clan as part of the Hunt. Ox Clan Champion Morito grudgingly allowed Koji to hunt in his lands, on the condition that he be accompanied by Morito Kitaji. [3]

Unicorn Clan Edit

The Unicorn Clan was very successfull in rooting out Bloodspeaker cells, [4] greatly aided by the information given by Moto Latomu. [5]

The Wolf Edit

The Blood Hunt would mark the beginning of Sezaru's dawnfall. The hunt became the man he had been shortly after his father's death, vengeful and wrathful. His internal voice eventually revealed itself to be an alternate personality, The Wolf, and eventually would provoke his complete madness and death. [6]


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