Ashalan Blood-Sworn

Ashalan Blood-Sworn

The Blood-Sworn were created shortly after the Day of Wrath, dedicaded to protecting the Ashalan from anything that would threaten the security of their race. Through a ritual using the Ishanti Crystal the Ashalan sensed would become sharpened and they became the ideal guardians of their people. [1]

Founder Edit

Eyla the Protector was the founder. She developed a defensive style, which suited with fights were the Ashalan would be less than their enemies. [1]

New ranks Edit

After the New Year a new Ashalan was selected in the Blood-Sworn ranks, between the many applicants every year tried to enter. The new member bled his blood over the crystal, as a symbol he would give his life for the Ashalan race. Closer they were to the crystal greater was their loyalty. Every member of the Council of Twelve could see through the eyes of a Blood-Sworn. [2]

Weapons Edit

They favored the scimitar as weapon, [3] the one known as Blade of the Blood-Sworn, [4] but their preferred weapon was the khadja. The current Captain of the Blood-Sworn used the original khadja. [5]

Khayel Edit

After the events of the Awakening the Kaleel's Legion began a new war. The Celestial Alliance knew they only were a signal of a greater danger, the Khayel, known as the Lying Darkness by the Rokugani. The Alliance sent the Khayel to the stars, and followed, to confront it. The Blood-Sworn were the ones who were at the first line of the charge. They died in the Night of the Seventh Stars to deny the Khayel its wish to undone the world. [6]

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