Gaheris and Shinjo meet at the Black Earth

Gaheris and Shinjo meet at the Black Earth

Black Earth was also known as the Blighted Realms.

Dreaded Realm Edit

It was a world between worlds, where even spirits were loathe to venture. [1] After the Day of Wrath this land was home of the Naar Teban, the mindless creatures that had replaced the Naga in the Burning Sands. [2]

Day of Wrath Edit

After the Day of Wrath the Jinn's Citadel grounded and buried beneath the sands. [3] With precious little strength left, the Jinn Lord Kaleel and his legion fell into a long sleep. [4] Israk, one of the brothers of the Jinn Lord, refused to accept that Kaleel was dead and ventured into the Blighted Realms to find him. [5]

Shinjo Edit

It was a place where the Kami Shinjo was imprisoned after she had been kidnapped by the Lying Darkness. For centuries she was held prisoner with the dark jinn. [6] The Ashalan placed Shinjo in a special container made of crystal, waiting for a time when the Awakening would come. [7]

Lying Darkness Edit

The Shadows, known as the Khayel in the Burning Sands, was also imprisoned there. When he met Israk he walked with him for four hundred years, creating the Shadow-Jinn, a merge between a jinn and the Shadows. [5]

Gate Edit

Beneath the city of Medinaat al-Salaam laid a gate to the Black Earth. [8]

Awakening Edit

In 1132 the four bahiya were called upon at the Awakening to release the Goddess from her imprisonment. [9] They destroyed the Fallen Star, rousing Shinjo [10] from the rift and she met Moto Gaheris who had been guided in this barren place by her brother Ryoshun. [11]

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