Bishamon's Spear
Created by: Unknown
First used by: Statue of Bishamon
Currently in the possession of: Unknown

Bishamon's Spear was held by a statue that resembled the Fortune Bishamon in one of the temples of Gisei Toshi.

Fires in the Hidden City Edit

During the Siege of Gisei Toshi in 1165 the Master of Air, Isawa Nakamuro was praying before a big statue of Bishamon. After he was visited by the spirit of Isawa Ariminhime, protector of Gisei Toshi and sister of Isawa himself, the statue no longer held a spear. Instead Nakamuro found one lying on the floor infront of him. [1]

Using the Spear Edit

Nakamuro wielded the spear in the defense of the city calling the blessings of the Fortune. [1] He hurled it in Iuchiban's chest during his epic fight, but without killing the immortal Heartless, and Nakamuro fled with the aid of Shiba Aikune. [2]

War of Fire and Thunder Edit

In 1167 the Mantis fleet at Yoritomo Kumiko's command arrived on the Isawa coastline to invade the Phoenix. The Dark Wave Fleet led by Yoritomo Kitao ambushed her, firing indiscriminately at Mantis and Phoenix alike. Nakamura wielded the spear in defense of the Phoenix and their enemies, who were being slaughtered by the bloodspeakers. But the Master of Earth, Isawa Sachi, struck down his fellow and took the spear. In this way Nakamuro's life was spared and Sachi sacrificed himself to destroy the new menace. [3] The whereabouts of the spear since were unknown.

Known Wielders Edit


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