Bayushi Yokuan

Bayushi Yokuan

Bayushi Yokuan was a ninja and duelist of the Scorpion Clan.

Skirmish with the Naga Edit

Unknown for most of the Empire the Naga began to awaken in the Shinomen Forest. A Naga force passing along the northernmost border of the Scorpion lands was attacked by Scorpion troops. The Naga defended themselves and crushed the Scorpion aggressors, and in a rage, the Great Clan mounted an attack against them. Bayushi Togai led his Black Cabal unit, entering the Shinomen alongside with Bayushi Yokuan and his bowmen and Bayushi Tasu leading a unit of Scorpion's Strike. They engaged with a Naga force led by the Isha, and the Rokugani were forced to retreat. The battle never became public knowledge. [1]

Scorpion Coup Edit

Yokuan participated in the Scorpion Coup in 1123. He was tasked by Bayushi Shoju with holding the south wall of Otosan Uchi, but the south wall was the first to fall under the Lion assault. [2]

After the Coup Edit

Yokuan fled into the shadows, regreting him for cowardice. He scarred his skin with tremendous cuts just to 'see if the blood still runs Scorpion red', so many said that Yakuan had gone mad. [3]

Shinobi began to fall in Shadows Edit

Of the seventeen men who were to join the hidden Shosuro Shinobi school with Shosuro Nishiko, only ten had survived. The rest faded into nothing, as once did the Goju family. Yokuan believed the bargain the Scorpion made with the Shadow would come to an end. [4]

Hidden Emperor Edit

Otaku Stables Burn Edit

The Otaku Stables Burn

The Otaku Stables Burn

In 1131 [5] during a fire in the Otaku Stables, Otaku Kojiro helped his beloved horses to flee, but died in the process. [6] The stables had been burned by the Scorpion Clan commanded by Yokuan. [4]

Guardian of Kyuden Bayushi Edit

Yokuan was one of the Scorpion who did not exile to the Burning Sands, and remained behind to keep the Scorpion strongholds. When the Clan return to Rokugan, Kyuden Bayushi was intact. [7]

Return of the Scorpion Edit

Yokuan was informed by Bayushi Aramoro that his Clan had returned to Rokugan at the side of the Kami Shinjo. The Goju had revealed in the Empire and they began to act more openly after Shosuro had been escaped from the Chamber of Crystal at Kyuden Hitomi. Aramoro ordered Yokuan to find Shosuro himself and to send Shosuro Nishiko to hunt the Goju. [8]

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