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Bayushi Tangen 
Bayushi Tangen 
Born: 147 
Died: 170 
Children: Un-named son 
Titles: Scorpion Clan Champion

Bayushi Tangen was the author of the literary works Lies and Little Truths. Lies was a treatise on politics published shortly after works such as Leadership, and directly attacks the work of Akodo Haru. It also provided examples of Scorpion "sincerity". Little Truths was never published, but was passed down from Scorpion Champion to Scorpion Champion.

"How easily men are corrupted, and how difficult is to make them just."

Treatise on Treachery Edit

Tangen was one of the most succesful and popular daimyo in Scorpion history. His death caused as much controversy as his life. In 169, the Emperor commanded Tangen a treatise of treachery, duplicity and espionage. One year after, shortly after the publication of Akodo Horu's famous book Leadership, Tangen presented to the Emperor his treatise at Akodo Hiyorimi's court in 170. [2]

In this court, at the age of twenty-three, Tangen suddenly dropped dead, during an argument over his work, shortly after he had presented it to the Emperor. The Lions called the whole work treasonous but Tangen supported it, saying "there is not a single lie on those pages". In the middle of all the excitement, Tangen suddenly stopped, grasped his left arm and fell to the floor, dead. This sudden death caused chaos to erupt. Tangen's supporters claimed he had been poisoned. Hiroyimi claimed assassins caused the death to put the blame on the Lion house. Cranes whispered tales of ninja within the Scorpion Clan who did not trust their own master, or were angry at him for giving away their secrets, while the Phoenix Clan proclamed it was the will of the Fortunes. The cause of Tangen's mysterious death was disputed even to this day. [3]

Legacy Edit

Tangen, the first Scorpion to earn the dubious title of “junshin” for his reluctant adherence to Bushido, [4] also wrote a lesser well known title that was not intended for the Emperor, this journal is known as Little Truths. Its existence was not known of until after Tangen's death in 170. The journal was discovered by Tangen's wife and passed on to Tangen's son. The words Little Truths were written on the inside cover. [5]

Preceded by:
Scorpion Clan Champion
? - 170
Succeeded by:


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