Bayushi Miyako 
Bayushi Miyako 
Born: Unknown 
Parents: Toku,
Toku Inao 
Siblings: Toturi Kyoji,
Toku Koto,
Toku Kiyuko 
Spouse: Bayushi Paneki 
Children: Bayushi Nitoshi 
Titles: Commander of the First Imperial Legion,
Scorpion Clan Champion

Toturi Miyako was the eldest child of Toku and Toku Inao. She had two brothers Toturi Kyoji and Toku Koto and one younger sister named Toku Kiyuko.

Miyako was an expert duelist but used to wield a yari in combat. [1]

Gempukku Edit

Toturi Miyako 2

Toturi Miyako

The day before her gempukku, Toturi Kyoji stole her best kimono to use as a sashimono in a samurai game against Toku Koto. It was in such a bad state when she found it that she had to wear her mother’s gempukku kimono. Shosuro women were known for their daintiness so it was a tight fit.[2]

Naka Tokei's Student Edit

One day Miyako recognized a man who had appeared near her. Morito Tokei had been lost at Nanashi Mura during the Clan War, and was supposed dead during a fight against the Maw. Tokei had been tortured in Jigoku for years, and eventually he had been released, journeying the Spirit Realms in his quest for Ningen-do, becoming the Grand Master of the Elements. [3] Naka Tokei had crossed the Veil of Yume-do through the dreams of Miyako. The Grand Master told her his story, and she became his student. [4]

Imperial Legionnaire Edit

Rise to Command Edit

Miyako swears fealty to Tsudao

Miyako joining Lady Sun

Miyako took part in the Test of the Emerald Champion but she lost to Yasuki Hachi. [5] Miyako joined the ranks of the Imperial Legion under the command of Toturi Tsudao. [6] She served as her yojimbo, and Tsudao honored her with the Toturi family name. She eventually succeeded Tsudao as First Legion Commander. [7] [8]

Test of the Jade Champion Edit

Miyako came to the contest there with her sensei. She met Yasuki Hachi and gave him the full support of the Monkey Clan, and its help when needed. [9]

Tsuno Edit

Miyako fighting a Tsuno

Miyako fighting a Tsuno

In 1159 Miyako was serving in the First Legion in the Shinomen Forest, pursuing the Tsuno who had been attacking the Lion lands. Tsudao send scouts in individual patterns and Miyako was one of them. She sought the tracks of Tsuno and confirmed their presence in the forest after a fierce battle against one of them. [1]

Part of the troops halted their maneuvers to engage a force of Yobanjin invading the northern Phoenix provinces. [1]

Fall of Otosan Uchi Edit

While the legions were still fighting the Tsuno in the Shinomen the news of the Fall of Otosan Uchi came to them. Tsudao, Miyako and other Imperial Legion commanders where magically transported to Otosan Uchi by the naga Ghedai. [10]

Toturi II, Empress of Rokugan Edit

The same year Tsudao declared herself Empress with the name of Toturi II, and Kyuden Seppun as Imperial City, being Miyako at her side. [11]

Allegiance of Shiba Aikune and the Shiba Family Edit

Shiba Aikune came to Kyuden Seppun to bow his head to the Empress Toturi II. The Isawa's Last Wish created a flaming tanto with a portion of its power which was offered by Aikune to Toturi II as a gift. In return Miyako gifted an Eye of the Emperor to Aikune's yojimbo, Shiba Mirabu. [citation needed]

Soul of Dairya Edit

Toturi Miyako

Imperial Legionnaire Miyako

Miyako was the Taisa of the First Legion and was present in Kyuden Kakita in 1160 when the blind tainted duelist Daidoji Megumi assassinated Kakita Toshiken. Were it not for the intervention of Miyako, who used one of Lady Doji's Tears to destroy Dairya's Cackling Skull and repell Megumi, Kakita Daimyo Kakita Noritoshi and many others in the castle would most likely have been killed. Shortly after outside the castle Yasuki Hachi defeated Daigotsu Hoturi forces who were trying to seize the castle. [2]

Tsudao's Death Edit

Following Tsudao's death in 1160 the First Legion was disbanded for seven days to mourn her passing. After a week's time, Toturi Miyako invited all of the Sword's former soldiers to the Imperial Capital to join the new First Legion and renew their oaths to the Emperor. Miyako became the new commander. [12]

Legion Commander Edit

Fires at Toshi Ranbo Edit

In 1165 in the reign of Toturi III a great fire devastated part of the Lion part of the city. Crane and Lion blamed each other for the event, and the First Legion was sent to keep the order, led by Miyako. [13]

Bloodspeaker Threat Edit

This year her sensei Tokei met Miyako in the Imperial City and told he had killed a cultist that had tried to murder Miyako's brother, Koto, in Toku Torid-e. [13] The bloodspeakers were hunting her father Toku. Miyako this day did not understand why. [14]

Alliance of Minor Clans Edit

Miyako was the representative of the Monkey Clan in the Alliance of Minor Clans created by Kitsuki Mizuochi in 1165. [15]

Toku's Funeral Edit

In 1166 the Emperor Toturi III opened to the public the Toku's Shrine, and named Toku the Fortune of Virtue. Toku had died several months before, in 1165. The Emperor the night before had blessed the shrine with his own wedding there. Bayushi Paneki presided the Utz salute and later swore that the temple would always stand, strong, and pure. [16]

Rosoku's Death Edit

After the death of the descendant of Shinsei, Rosoku, the Legions were mobilized to find the last remnants of the Bloodspeakers. She accepted the aid of the Keeper of Fire, Kakita Tsuken, because he was a warrior, and the rest of Keepers not. [17]

The Bride of Secrets Edit

In 1167 Bayushi Tsimaru went to the Vigilant Keep to meet her mother Inao. Tsimaru dealt with matters regarding the betrothal of Miyako with the Scorpion Clan Champion, Bayushi Paneki. [18] While engaged to Paneki, Miyako was kidnapped by a group of bandits made up of Mantis or former Mantis samurai. Miyako was rescued by Dragon Clan magistrates Mirumoto Narumi and Kitsuki Nagiken, who defeated the kidnappers in their lair in an abandoned jade mine in Spine of the World Mountains. Bayushi Paneki arrived in the cave as the fight with the bandits was ending. Miyako's face and throat were severely damaged by the bandits. Paneki removed his own mempo and placed it over Miyako's face, telling her that it would remain there, covering her wounds as long as she wished. [19]

Place in the Scorpion Edit

Bayushi Miyako 2

Bayushi Miyako with her grievous face scars

After their marriage, Miyako took the Bayushi family name, becoming Bayushi Miyako. She became the chief shireikan of the Scorpion Clan military. [20]

Crab-Scorpion War Edit

In 1169 Miyako counseled her husband how to deal with Kisada, who had begun a brutal series of retaliatory raids on the Scorpion villages. [21]

Scorpion candidate Edit

Bayushi Nomen was summoned by Paneki to make report of the Race for the Throne. Eventually Bayushi Norachai was selected by Paneki as the Scorpion candidate. They would begin to miscredit the current most supported candidates, Otomo Hoketuhime, the Otomo Daimyo, and Satsu. [22]

View on Shosuro Toson Edit

Miyako had high recognition of a man's honor, so men like the Shosuro Daimyo, Shosuro Toson, who used to deal his missions without scruples, disgusted her utterly. When Paneki entrusted Toson with the relocation of the Oni's Eye Miyako realized her husband would reward him with his full confidence. [23]

Children Edit

Miyako was two months pregnant in the Month of the Hare in 1170. [24] She gave birth to a boy. The child, named Ichiro, was blessed by the Empress Iweko I herself as the Empress attended her first Winter Court at Kyuden Bayushi in the Month of the Boar later that same year. [25]

Acting Champion Edit

Following Paneki's death and transformation into an undead due to the Plague in 1172, [26] Miyako still led the Scorpion forces during the Destroyer War. The exact line of succession remained unclear however, and Shosuro Toson did not entirely agree with her command decisions. [27]

God-Beast Edit

Her first orders as acting Champion were a full retreat of the combined forces holding the line at Closed Pincer City. A gigantic creature, the God Beast of Kali-Ma, was approaching and she send the army as bait, to drew it away from the city. When the gambit failed, ordered to evacuate the city, as defending it would only end in a slaughter without any gain. [27]

Plan Edit

In 1173 the Temple of the Virtuous Maiden in the Crane lands fell to the Destroyers when defended by the Scorpion. The commander of the forces there, Nanbu Kochoko, a childhood friend of Miyako and the Nanbu Daimyo, visited her and requested explanations. Despite the efforts of Kachoko the men she commanded were so few that the Scorpion were obliged to withdraw. Miyako told she had devised a plan, that obliged to let the Destroyers to advance into the empire. When they were exposed enough the Scorpion would assault them from all sides. [28]

Scorpion Clan Champion Edit

Eeventually Churetsu, the Celestial Sword of the Scorpion, recognized Miyako as the true Scorpion Clan Champion. Shosuro Toson believed she was not suited for the station, because she had not been born as a Scorpion, but vowed to follow her command. [29]

Kali-Ma Edit

The Destroyers had been drawn into their lower provinces, while the Scorpion still held the high ground. Miyako had activated all of the scorpion assets that remained behind the enemy. The bulk of the forces of Kali-Ma had been diverted toward Kyuden Ashinagabachi, so they would strike a long-standing blemish on the Scorpion past. The plan devised had been accomplished but Shosuro Toson belived the gambit had failed, because Kali-Ma was moving toward Shinden Gyokei, the Oni's Eye location and the place were the Scorpion researched the Black Scrolls under their control. [29]

End of the Destroyer War Edit

Miyako and many other leaders of the Empire arrived to a small Scorpion temple were the Empress was. Near this place Daigotsu, Shahai, Susumu, Fu Leng, and Kali-Ma had died. The drawback was that Daigotsu had returned in a phantom form, as the Master of Jigoku. Satsu told the Empress had proclaimed the end of the Destroyer War with the victory of the Empire. Crab and Scorpion had to rebuild their lands, and to defend the Empire against the Second Festering Pit, created after the death of the goddess Kali-Ma within the Scorpion lands. [30]

Spider Clan Edit

They were told the Spider Clan had been conferred the status of Great Clan. Those free of taint could remain in the Empire, and the tainted were put under guard of the Dragon Clan, to extend the Empire in the Ivory Kingdoms. For first time since Iweko was ascended as the Child of Heavens, she spoke, proclaiming the Spider Iweko's Conquerors. [30]

Aftermath Edit

Toson saw the creation of the new Festering Pit, the development of the end of the war, and the arrangement made by Iweko I with Jigoku as a failure of the Scorpion's duty. The clans might not know the reason for the Scorpion maneuvers during the Destroyer War, but failure was failure. He asked Miyako to commit seppuku to clean his Clan's shame. At the same time many Lion were committing mass seppuku as a denouncement of the Empress actions. Miyako would use the seppuku of Toson to show the Empire that even among the Scorpion there was one man who objected to the Empress's taste for expediency. [31]

Shosuro Family Edit

The Destroyer War diminished the ranks of the Shosuro family. In 1174 its stgrength was fourty percent of what it was prior to the war, and they did not have Daimyo. Some counseled the family's dissolution and absorption into the Bayushi. Miyako appointed Shosuro Aroru as new Shosuro Daimyo and allowed him to recruite some members from among the other families, except Bayushi Muhito, who was needed for other tasks. The first order to Aroru was to raze to the ground all the remains of the Remote Village. Miyako did not risk any kind of contamination with a mysterious creature had been seen there during its destruction in the war. [32]

Scorpion Wall Edit

Shortly after the end of the war Miyako visited the Crab Clan Champion, Hida Reiha. Miyako managed the aid of the Crab in the construction of the Scorpion Wall, to defend the Empire of the demons which emerged from the Second Pit. In return the Kuroiban gave the Crab full cooperation and the uninhibited sharing of information in matters relating to the taint or maho. [33] This formal alliance over the management and security of the Second Pit was known as the Treaty of Odashi. [34] Kaiu Iemasa, the Kaiu Daimyo, was the builder, and in 1175 Hida Demopen was appointed as the commander of the combined forces there. He had returned from the Lion lands, where he was seeking tracks of the Disgrace, without result. [35]

Stepping down Edit

One year before her son Bayushi Nitoshi reached his gempukku, Miyako already was aware he was a sociopath. [36]

I can see the teeth where you should have a heart, and they are long and sharp. [36]

Somehow Miyako stepped down, and [37] her son Nitoshi was appointed as new Champion. [38] In 1193 Nitoshi fought the War of the Twins against the Phoenix Clan. [39]

War of Serpents Edit

In 1198 every person within Rokugan who had a direct connection with the Naga had vanished or died. Miyako sent Aroru to gather information about it. Aroru returned from a Naga temple in the a Black Pearl had been sent away by the Qatol before the second Great Sleep of the Naga race because he feared it. [40]

External Links Edit

Preceded by:
Bayushi Paneki
Acting Scorpion Clan Champion
1172 - c.1173
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
Scorpion Clan Champion
c.1173 - ?
Succeeded by:
Bayushi Nitoshi


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