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Bayushi Baku 
Bayushi Baku 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Died after return:
Titles: Guardian of Temptation

Bayushi Baku was a vengeful Bayushi Guardian Spirit that roamed Rokugan in loyal service to the Bayushi family long after his death. His memory was erased by the Lying Darkness, and as such has no knowledge of why he served the Bayushi as he did. [1]

Baku's Loyalty Edit

Not much was known about Baku's life as his history and memories were destroyed when the histories at Shiro no Soshi were attacked by the Lying Darkness. [1] Baku was a loyal samurai, but did not serve the Scorpion Clan Champion or the Empire. He served only the Bayushi family, his bonds of loyalty existed beyond life and into death. After his demise, Baku did not go to another realm, remaining in Rokugan to continue his mission, and serving the Bayushi Family. His view of the world was distorted through a mask of death and pain. He could only percieve others between the polar opposites of his duty: they were either threats or not. To Baku, people were either friends or enemies with no middle ground between. If he saw a friend, he would do nothing. If he saw someone as an enemy, he would kill him. [2]

Ambition & Death Edit

Bayushi Baku 2

Bayushi Baku

Baku was given the title "Guardian of Temptation", and charged with the duty of keeping the bloodsword Ambition guarded. Baku was ordered to perform seppuku, making him rise as a spirit to perform this duty even in death. The truth was that Baku coveted the sword, and by giving his life he could remain forever near it. [3]

Scorpion Clan Coup Edit

During the hundreds of years the vigil over the sword twisted Baku's mind until it was finally released to Bayushi Shoju's hands in 1123. [4] [3]

The Clan War Edit

During the Clan War, when the Scorpion were outlaws, Baku became a vengeful spirit. He roamed the Scorpion Provinces murdering any Imperial Legionnaires he found. He left only widows and orphans in his wake, remorselessly. He only stopped when he encountered Bayushi Yojiro leading legionnaires, carrying Itsuwari. [2]

Bayushi Aramasu Edit

Baku traveled to the Mantis Island of Spice to meet Bayushi Aramasu, Bayushi Aramoro's son who had been fostered to the Mantis Clan . Aramasu had spied upon the Mantis during that time and Baku came to collect his secrets. Surprisingly Aramasu decided not to lie or betray those who had fostered him, and he forsook his allegiance to the Scorpion Clan to become a Mantis. [3]

War of Spirits Edit

Bayushi Baku 1

Baku in Hantei's army

Years came and went in which there were no news about him, until Baku appeared at the height of the War of Spirits and offered his aid... to another spirit. He cunningly gained the trust of Hantei XVI and promptly led him into epic defeat in a trap that Toturi's followers had set at Beiden Pass, helping to save the Empire from the armies of the Steel Chrysanthemum. [2] [5] Baku believed one should never deny one's nature. [6]

Shadowed Tower Edit

Baku disappeared for a time after this until he returned once more late in 1159 when he sensed the conflict within the Scorpion Clan. He attacked Bayushi Yojiro in Kyuden Bayushi, sensing something was wrong with the Scorpion Champion, only to discover that Yojiro was no longer the Champion. The new Champion, Bayushi Sunetra, had been masquerading as Yojiro to allow Yojiro the freedom of pursuing the Shadowed Tower. Sunetra asked for Baku's assistance in destroying the Tower, but Baku was not sure what to do. [2]

Gozoku Edit

In 1166 Baku made clear his support to destroy the new Gozoku, which was built upon the remnants of the destroyed Shadowed Tower, but in this new aspect had extended his claws over several Clans. Bayushi Sunetra believed Baku had been Bayushi Atsuki's lieutenant in the first Gozoku, and even if Baku could not remember it, he was steeled to fight them, the remorseful spirit of Baku against the vengeful spirit of Atsuki. [7]

Bayushi Kamnan Edit

Bayushi Kamnan

Baku impersonating Kamnan

Baku aided in the ambush of Bayushi Kamnan, a triple agent working for the Shadowed Tower. Kamnan was lured by Sunetra, currently the Underhand of the Emperor, and led to the Mantis states in Ryoko Owari. There Baku, Yoritomo Naizen and his Mantis forces killed Kamnan in revenge for the assassination of Yoritomo Aramasu. Baku used his powers as a spirit to change into the guise of Kamnan and infiltrated the Gozoku, [7] aquiring part of Kamnan's memories. [8]

Atsuki Uncovered Edit

Baku reported to Sunetra that Bayushi Atsuki, the former leader of the Shadowed Tower, was alive and behind the Gozoku conspiracy. Baku did not know why Atsuki used maho during the Tower time, but he surely needed the magic for some purpose. Atsuki was hidden in one of a handful of Ashalan-built towers deep within the Plains Above Evil. [9] This information was instrumental in the downfall of the Gozoku.

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