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Bayushi Aramoro 
Bayushi Aramoro 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1133 
Died after return: Unknown 
Parents: Un-named Yogo Shugenja mother 
Siblings: Bayushi Shoju (half) 
Spouse: Yogo Asami 
Children: Bayushi Aramasu

Bayushi Aramoro, "the Whisper of Steel", [1] was a ninja of the Scorpion Clan during the Clan War. Despite never being in a position of power, he was a very important figure within the Scorpion, as he worked under the direct command of Bayushi Kachiko.

Early Life Edit

Bayushi Aramoro 2

Bayushi Aramoro

Birth Edit

Aramoro was the younger brother of Bayushi Shoju, the Scorpion Clan Champion. Bayushi Shoju's mother had died during childbirth, and after years, his father found a Yogo Shugenja wife, who gave him a second son, Aramoro. [2]

Family Edit

He was cousin of Bayushi Uchinore, and uncle of his son, Tsuruchi. [3] He was cousin of Bayushi Tetsuo. [4]

Youth Edit

Aramoro was strong and handsome, unlike Shoju, but he was the younger son, and he knew he had to serve where Shoju had to rule. The rivalry was a quiet one, as Aramoro knew his place. The two brothers met Shosuro Kachiko, and Aramoro fell in love. He wrote poems, sent gifts and took long walks with her. In the end, however she prefered Shoju. Aramoro abruptly left the Bayushi Courtier school and entered himself in the Shosuro school, [2] following the long-standing tradition the second-born of a Bayushi family would be trained in the ninja school. [1]

Ninja school Edit

Initially the Shosuro sensei refused to admit Aramoro, however when the sensei saw the fire that animated Aramoro, he accepted. In three years, Aramoro became the most promising student. [2]

Aramoro and Kachiko Edit

Bayushi Aramoro 1

Aramoro guarding Kachiko

One day during his training, Kachiko came to Aramoro. She told him that she was going to marry Shoju, but there was a complication. She had become pregnant by Doji Hoturi. Aramoro, still in love with her, promised to watch over the boy and to ensure his safety. [2]

Ninja missions Edit

In 1118 [5] Aramoro was ordered by Shoju to aid Bayushi Sugai to kill the Badger Clan Champion, Ichiro Akitomo, in the Crane city of Tsuma, during the Topaz Championship. Sugai created missdirection planting evidenced of a ninja assassination. [6]

Wife and Son Edit

Aramoro was unable to marry the woman he loved, Bayushi Kachiko. Instead he married Yogo Asami, a girl who was renowned for her resemblance of Kachiko. Asami bore Aramoro a son, Bayushi Aramasu. [7]

Scorpion Coup Edit

The Lion forces led by Matsu Tsuko in the third day of the Scorpion Coup assaulted the Outer Southern Wall, at the Emperor's Gate. Matsu Gohei commanded the Akodo Deathseekers, alongside with Matsu Chokoku with his Lion Medium Elite Infantry, and Matsu Yojo with regulars. They were confronted by Aramoro with his Bayushi Elite Spearmen, Yogo Asami and Bayushi Tangen with their Bayushi Ambushers, and Bayushi Kuritsu with his Ninja Bowmen. [8] Soshi Shugenja twisted their magic to defend the city, forcing Lion to retreat. [9]

Aramoro was one of the few Scorpion that Bayushi Shoju relied heavily upon. Aramoro was entrusted to protect Bayushi Dairu, Shoju's son, during the Coup. Aramoro failed, as the boy was killed at the hand of Doji Hoturi.[citation needed]

Scorpion is Disbanded Edit

After Shoju's defeat Aramoro followed the orders he got from him shortly before the Coup began: survival would continue to become the priority of the survivors, because only through survival should they find justice, and only through survival should they find revenge. [10]

Clan War Edit

The Captain of the Imperial Guard Seppun Ishikawa suspected that Kachiko was behind the constant illness of the Emperor. He shared the idea with the Emerald Magistrate Ide Makujin who answered that he would look into it. Instead, the magistrate reported Ishikawa's suspicion to the Empress, who had warned Makujin that somebody was sowing suspicion in the Imperial court to undermine the Emperor. Shortly after Kachiko dispatched Ishikawa to defend Crane lands against Lions forces, hoping he would die. She also asked Aramoro to take care of Makujin. [11]

Test of Emerald Champion Edit

Aramoro saved Ide Tadaji from a ninja assassination attempt in the Test of the Emerald Champion in 1127. They were unable to identify the assassin because he destroyed his own features with his climbing gear before Aramoro could catch him. [12]

The False Hoturi Edit

When Hoturi was imprisoned by Kachiko, [13] Aramoro tortured him. One of the knives he used was later taken by Jama Suru, and more than thirty years later the blood of the Thunder who was on it was used by Iuchiban to cast the Rain of Blood. [14] Eventually Aramoro brought the Egg of P'an Ku to the presence of Bayushi Kachiko, who used it on Hoturi, making the False Hoturi. [15]

Surveying the Enemy Edit

Aramoro spied and informed Kachiko about several news. Akiyoshi have been with Toturi, Yogo Junzo was looking for the descendant of Shinsei and Matsu Tsuko begged to Toturi for his return. After she was reported, Kachiko ordered Aramoro to leave her alone. [16]

Evil on the Emperor Edit

Eventually Kachiko realized the Shadowlands' hold on the Emperor, so she entrusted Aramoro to find a way to kill her husband. The attempt was made through a ninja named Tantoko, but she failed to kill Hantei XXXIX using one of the Jade Goblets of Taira as a weapon. [17]

Hidden Emperor Edit

Embittered Son Edit

His son Aramasu blamed Aramoro as his mother's murder, and planned his revenge. [18]

The Hunt Begins Edit


Aramoro, without mask

In 1130, the Emperor Toturi I disappeared and Kachiko knew that the Scorpion Clan would be exiled when suspicion fell upon them. Aramoro suggested the ninja Matsu Hiroru could be used in the search for Toturi. In a meeting in Otosan Uchi, Kachiko tasked Hiroru, aided by the ronin Ginawa with the quest to find Toturi. [19]

Scorpion's Exile Edit

The Emerald Champion Kakita Toshimoko commanded that the Scorpion be exiled to the Burning Sands, with a heavy heart following doubts about their guilt. Aramoro and a number of other Scorpion members defied the exile, and remained in the Empire at Kachiko's request, casting aside their masks to not be recognized. [20] [21] He was only Aramoro. While Aramoro's heart wanted to follow his charge in the exile he promised Kachiko to follow her desires. [22]

Scorpion Deal Edit

In 113o, in the Month of the Serpent, Aramoro journeyed to the Islands of Spice and Silk to make a deal with Yoritomo. [23] Yoritomo was to hold the lands of the Scorpion Clan until their inevitable return from their exile to the Burning Sands, and in exchange, Aramoro left Yoritomo his son, Bayushi Aramasu, as a hostage. Aramasu travelled to Mantis Clan lands bearing maps and secrets so Yoritomo could further his power in Rokugan and fulfill his promise to Aramoro. [24]

No news from Burning Sands Edit

Aramoro lost the contact with the Scorpions in the Burning Sands, and could not see any trace of what had happened. [25]

Madness of Toturi Edit

Gift of the Emperor Edit

In 1132, after the return of the missing Emperor, Toturi I held a contest, the Gift of the Emperor. The winner of the contest would win a boon from the Emperor, and all clans were invited to attend, each sending one candidate. The winner of the contest, a ronin candidate entered by the Dragon Clan, was revealed to be Bayushi Aramoro. Aramoro immediately requested control of the lands formerly occupied by the Scorpion Clan. The Scorpion were not restored to their place as a Great Clan until later, but Aramoro had once again returned control of their ancestral lands to the leadership of the clan. [26] He had defeated Mirumoto Uso in the finals. [27] As winner Aramoro was also gifted with the Sword of the Sun. [28] The Dragon Clan who was instrumental in the Scorpion victory became the most trusted ally of the Scorpion Clan in the next decades. [citation needed]

Return of the Scorpion Edit

In 1132 the Scorpion under Kachiko returned from the Burning Sands accompanied by Lady Shinjo and the Moto. [29] Bayushi Yojiro returned the Ancestral Sword of the Scorpion to Kachiko, who ordered to Aramoro to hold it and keep safe. Aramoro became the Lord of the Shonin provinces. [30]

Aramasu's Betrayal Edit

Aramoro realized his son had betrayed the Scorpion, revealing everything to Yoritomo: agents' names, secret routes, stolen records. Scorpion spies in the Islands of Spice and Silk had been purged. Aramasu swore revenge. [31]

War against the Shadow Edit

The Goju had revealed in the Empire and they began to act more openly after Shosuro had been escaped from the Chamber of Crystal at Kyuden Hitomi. Aramoro ordered Yokuan to find Shosuro himself and to send Shosuro Nishiko to hunt the Goju. [31]

Enduring the Shadows Edit

As a Shosuro Shinobi he wore a Shadow Brand, a direct link to the Lying Darkness which grew in many of his kin who were seduced and devoured by the Shadows. But the Darkness could not give him what he wanted, to make Kachiko love him, so he resisted the Darkness' influence. [32]

Shinjo Edit

When the armies of the Unicorn approached the Imperial City in the Assault on Otosan Uchi, the Emperor Toturi I tried without success to bribe the Scorpion Clan, offering their lands and title returned for the death of Shinjo. [33]

Twenty-Seven Days of Darkness Edit

Onnotangu was dead and Amaterasu had fled the Celestial Heavens, beginning the Twenty-Seven Days of Darkness. On the nineteenth day Hitomi met Kachiko at Shiro Yogo. Aramoro wished to follow her, but Kachiko sent Bayushi Hisa instead. [34]

March to Volturnum Edit

The Empire armies knew the Shadows were gathering in the ancient troll city of Volturnum and rallied an army led by Saigorei against them. [35] The general was met by the new Scorpion Clan Champion, Bayushi Yojiro, and his yojimbo Aramoro. Yojiro gave Saigorei one hundred thousand katana, nagamaki, naginata, and arrows - all of purest crystal. These weapons decided the fate of the Battle of Oblivion's Gate. In return, Yojiro requested that the clans should know that they lived not because of their honor but because of one Scorpion, aiding the restoration of Scorpion Clan to the Great Clan status. [36]

Battle at Oblivion's Gate Edit

Aramoro himself led the Scorpion forces at the Battle of Oblivion's Gate, while Kachiko proceeded to contain Shosuro.[citation needed]

Death and Return Edit

During the battle at the ancient city of Volturnum, Oblivion's Gate opened, allowing passage between the mortal realm and the realm of ancestors. Aramoro ordered his men to join him in committing seppuku, [32] and they then used Oblivion's Gate to attack the rear of the army of the Shadow and assist the returned spirits. [37]

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