Battue family 
Patron family: Iuchi family 
Clan: Unicorn Clan 
Founded: 9th century

The Battue family was a vassal family in service to the Iuchi family of the Unicorn Clan.

Founding Edit

The Battue were founded in the 9th century after three Iuchi Shugenja in service to Iuchi Nagol realized that he and the rest of their order were being corrupted by Maho. The shugenja tricked their brethren and killed them one at a time. They came for Nagol lastly, knowing that he could not be tricked and would need to be confronted by all three directly in order to be overwhelmed.

The shugenja were successful and took proof of Nagol's treachery to the Iuchi Daimyo. The leaders of the family were furious with the treachery and discussed what would be done. They decided that the three shugenja would be demoted in status, but also given the Battue vassal name. The shugenja then returned to the Forest of the Dreamers where they had previously lived and began their duty. [1]

Duty Edit

Their duty was to research Khadi magic to ensure that it never corrupts the Unicorn and to hunt down any tsukai in the Unicorn lands. [1]

Structure and Holdings Edit

The Battue are not ruled by a single daimyo, but rather a triad of shugenja known as the Kelet, or spirit guard. This arrangement was to ensure that none among them will ever corrupt the family. As part of this arrangement the Kelet members lived far from each other, at the edges of their territory. Each of the Kelet had between five and ten students studying under them at any time.

There were only two major structures in the Battue lands, the Tower of the Kelet and the Library of Nagol. The Tower of the Kelet was used for rituals, research and court. The Library of Nagol was used for research and housed the family's knowledge of gaijin magic. There was once an entire section devoted to Iuchiban, but the scrolls located there disappeared shortly after the death of Toturi I, indicating that there might again be corruption in the family. There were also several small guard houses located between the Kelet estates.

The villagers of the Battue were all craftsmen and did not grow their own food because of their proximity to the Maho-infested Forest of Dreamers. [1]

Known Kelet Edit

Battue Iyemi, Battue Matsumoto, Battue Shijan (c. 1160)

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