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The following is a chronological listing of battles and wars in Rokugan and its Colonies.


Shokajin Rekna, Day of Broken Thunder Pre-calendar
Battle of Four Winds 1st victory over the Shadowlands
Day of Thunder 42
Battle with the Rocs 223
Battle of Cherry Blossom Snow Lake 245
Victory With No Strike 353 (Lion-Phoenix War)
Battle of the Sun Princess 4th century
Battle of the Tortoise Late 4th century
Battle of Dannoura Early 5th century
Battle of Three Stone River 5th century
Five Nights of Shame 402
Battle at Osari Plains 437
Battle of White Stag 442
Battle of Raging Seas 442
Red Snow Battle 509
Battle of Stolen Graves 510
Siege of Shiro Kuni 526
Battle of Kenson Gakka 533
Battle at Fortune's Plain 554
Battle of Drowned Merchant River 662 (Dragon-Lion War)
Battle of Honor's Flight 663 (Rice War)
Battle of Kyuden Tonbo 704
Battle of the Great Climb 711
Battle of Tidal Landbridge 715
Siege of Daylight 716
Battle of Takezo Cliffs 716
Battle of the Cresting Wave 716
Battle of the Thundering Shrine 716
Battle of the Bloody Retreat 750
Battle of Sleeping River 750
Day of Fifteen 9th century
Battle of White Shore Plain 815
Battle for Shiro Hiruma 819
Battle for Shiro Hiruma 819
Battle of Snow Plain 820
Battle of the Broken Daisho 827
Battle of the Chrysanthemum Petals 827
Battle of the Kuni Wastes 10th century
Battle of the River of the Unexpected Hero 930
Night of Falling Stars 960
Second Battle of the Great Climb 11th century
Battle of Thunder Plain 1005
Yogo Rebellion 1074
Battle at Kyuden Kitsune 1090
Battle for the City of the Rich Frog 1090
Battle at Fate Gorge 1100
Battle of White Shore Plain 12th century
Battle of Dragon's Mouth 12th century
Battle of Denoben Falls Early 12th century
Battle of Kotanu Plains 1112
Battle of Ice and Snow 1113
Battle of Twilight's Honor 1118
Battle of the Humble Turtle 1120
Battle of Three Man Alliance Plain 1121
Battle at Nightingale Village 1122
Battle of the Forgotten Tide 1123 (Lion-Crane War)
Battle for Shiro no Yojin 1123 (Lion-Crane War)
Battle on the Plains of Gaiju Shindai 1122 (Lion-Crane War)
Siege of Shiro Usagi 1123
Scorpion Coup 1123
Battle of Sorrow's Road 1126
Battle of Teinken Mountain c. 1127
Battlefield of Shallow Graves Date unknown (Clan War)
Razing of Shiro Sano Kakita 1127 (Clan War)
Battle of Beiden Pass 1127 (Clan War)
Battle at Iyosha Hill 1127 (Clan War)
Fall of Kyuden Doji 1127 (Clan War)
Battle of Doro Crossroads 1127 (Clan War)
Battle at Prosperous Plains City 1127 (Clan War)
Kisada's Blockade 1127 (Clan War)
Battle at Shinden Osano-Wo 1128
Battle of Phoenix's Flight 1128
Battle of Bloodied Honor 1128
Battle of Blackened Ground 1128
Battle at Benten Seido 1128
Battle of Sokustel Forest 1128
Second Day of Thunder 1128
Siege of Kyuden Hiruma 1131 - 1132
Storms over Matsu Palace 1132
Fall of Shiro Kitsuki 1132 (Siege of Sleeping Mountain)
Storm of Mirumoto Mountain 1132 (Siege of Sleeping Mountain)
Fall of Kyuden Asako 1132 (Mantis Invasion of Phoenix Lands)
Battle of Kyuden Gotei 1132 (War Against Shadow)
Assault on Otosan Uchi 1132 (War Against Shadow)
Battle of Oblivion's Gate 1133 (War Against Shadow)
Battle of Twilight Mountains 1133 (Moto War)
Battle of Firefly River 1136
Battle of Fallen Ground 1138, First battle of War of Spirits
Battle of Shallow Waters 1142 (War of Spirits)
Battle at Broad Axe Waterfall 12th Century (War of Spirits)
Battle of Rekindled Innocence 12th Century (War of Spirits)
Fall of Shiro Iuchi 1145 (War of Spirits)
Second Battle of White Shore Plain 1146 (War of Spirits)
Battle of Shiro Iuchi 1146 (War of Spirits)
Battle of Drowned Honor in the Shadowlands Date unknown, War of Spirits period
Battle of Drowned Honor 1150 (War of Spirits)
Battle of Quiet Winds 1150 (War of Spirits)
Second Battle of Beiden Pass 1150 (War of Spirits)
Battle of Honored Treaty Plains 1158 (Dragon-Phoenix War)
Battle of Ki-Rin's Shrine 1158 (Dragon-Phoenix War)
Death of Kyuden Tonbo 1158 (Dragon-Phoenix War)
Battle of Wind Gorge 1158 (Dragon-Phoenix War)
Battle of Snow and Fire 1159 (Dragon-Phoenix War)
Carpenter Wall Falls 1159
Battle for Black Crane Palace c. 1159 (Second Yasuki War)
Fall of Otosan Uchi 1159
Battle for the Last Tower 1159
Battle of Shinsei's Last Hope 1160
Siege of Ryoko Owari 1160
Four Winds March 1160
Battle in the Ruined City 1165
Siege of Gisei Toshi 1165
Battle of the Northern Wall Mountains 1166
Battle of Sukoshi Zutsu 1166 (War of the Rich Frog)
Battle of One Tribe 1166
Blood Hunt 1166
Battle of Broken Waves 1167 (War of Fire and Thunder)
Battle of the Tomb 1168 (Time of Demons)
Battle at Kitsuki Pass 1168 (War of Silk and Steel)
Fall of Kyuden Ikoma 1168 (Khan's Defiance)
Battle at the Wall of Bones 1169 (Time of Demons)
Battle of Toshi Ranbo 1169 (Winter of Red Snow)
Battle of Tomorrow 1169
Battle of Cherry Blossom Snow Village 1169 (Third Yasuki War)
Nine Days of Blood 70's of 12th century, exact year unknown
Fall of Shiro Moto 1170
Battle for Sunset Tower 1170
Battle of the Fallen Tower 1170
Siege of High House of Light 1170 (War of Dark Fire)
Battle of Shiro Morito 1170 (War of Dark Fire)
Fall of Kyuden Isawa 1171 (War of Dark Fire)
Battle of Shiro Mirumoto 1171 (War of Dark Fire)
Fall of Shiro Tamori 1171 (War of Dark Fire)
Battle of Shiro Shinjo 1171 (War of Dark Fire)
Siege of White Oak Castle 1171 (War of Dark Fire)
Siege of Shiro Kitsuki 1171 (War of Dark Fire)
Battle of Shiro Utaku Shojo 1171 (War of Dark Fire)
Battle of the Burning Palace 1171 (War of Dark Fire)
Battle of Kyuden Asako 1171 (War of Dark Fire)
Battle of Dragon Heart Plain 1171 (End of the War of Dark Fire)
Battle of the Burning Wall, Fall of the Kaiu Wall 1171 (Destroyer War)
Siege of Kyuden Hida 1171 (Destroyer War)
Fall of Shiro Kuni 1172 (Destroyer War)
Fall of Kyuden Hida 1172 (Destroyer War)
Siege of the Wolves 1172
Second Battle of Kyuden Tonbo 1172
Battle of Shutai 1173 (Destroyer War)
Battle of Aichi 1173 (Destroyer War)
Battle of the River of Gold 1173 (Destroyer War)
Second Battle of Three Man Alliance Plain 1173 (Destroyer War)
Battle of Kyuden Ashinagabachi 1173 (Destroyer War)
Battle of Nikesake 1191 (War of the Twins)
Fall of Kyuden Agasha 1191 (War of the Twins)
Fall of Shutai 1192 (War of the Twins)
Siege of the Second City 1198
Battle of Ten Thousand Martyrs 1198 (Mantis-Crane War in the Colonies)
Journey's End Siege 1199 (Heretic War)
Dark Naga Siege of the Second City 1199 (War of Serpents)
Battle at the Second Pit 1200
Siege at Kyuden Agasha 1200
Battle at Nikesake 1200
Fall of Kyuden Bayushi 1200
Battle of the First Seal 1200
Battle of Treacherous Pass 1200
Battle of the Second Seal 1200
Battle by Starlight Date unknown
Battle of the Hour of the Wolf Date unknown
Battle of Blood and Snow Date unknown
Battle of Cherry Blossom Snow Lake Date unknown
Battle of Malka Oasis Date unknown
Battle of the Rolling Waves Date unknown
Jinshin-no-ran revolution Date unknown
Seven Day Battle Date unknown
Battle of Bishamon's Favor Reign of Hantei XXXIII
Battle of the White Pines 12th century
Battle of Broken Ground 12th century
Battle of Sheltered Cove 12th century
Battle of Tsugi-Shichi-Mura Date unknown
Battle of Shiro Giji Date unknown


Bloodland Wars Pre-calendar 700 years before the Great Sleep
First Burning of the Land Pre-calendar
Ashalan-Naga War Pre-calendar 300 years before the Great Sleep
War Against Fu Leng 33 - 42
Lion-Phoenix War 4th century (c. 353)
Crane-Crab War 387 - 400
Second Lion-Phoenix War (c. 401) - 408
Dragon-Crab War 440 - 441
Foxfire War 520 - ?
Crab Invasion of Scorpion lands Early 7th century
War of the Lost Pups 651
Dragon-Lion War 662
Rice War 663 - 664
Blood War 790 - 815
War Against Iuchiban 750
Opium War 1122
Lion-Crane War 1122 - 1128
Clan War 1126 - 1128
Siege of Sleeping Mountain 1131 - 1132
War Against Shadow 1131 - 1133
Crane Civil War 1132
War in the Heavens 1132
Mantis Invasion of Phoenix Lands 1132 - 1133
Moto War 1133
War of Spirits 1138 - 1150
Mantis-Ivory Kingdoms War 1147 - ?
Yobanjin Incursion ? - ?
Second Yasuki War 1158 - 1160
War of Fire and Snow - Dragon-Phoenix War 1158 - 1161
Heaven and Earth - Invasion of the Celestial Heavens 1159 - 1160
Mantis Civil War 1159 - 1160
War of the Rich Frog 1165 - 1166
Time of Demons 1166 - 1169
War of Fire and Thunder 1167 - 1167
War of Silk and Steel 1167 - 1169
Winter of Red Snows 1168 - 1169
Crab-Scorpion War 1168 - 1169
Winter War 1168
Third Yasuki War 1169 - 1170
War of Dark Fire 1170 - 1171
Destroyer War, (Plague War) 1171 - 1173
War of the Twins 1190 - 1193
The Serpent War 1198 - 1199
Mantis-Crane War in the Colonies 1198 - 1198
Heretic War 1199 - 1200
Dragon-Crab War Dates Unknown
Unicorn Civil War 1200 - Present