Battle of the Tidal Landbridge 
Masashigi's Helm
Location: Tidal Landbridge
Date: 715
Major Forces: Crab Clan, Crane Clan Shadowlands
Generals: Hida Bokaru, Daidoji Masashigi, Oni no Kinjiro
Battles of Rokugan

The Battle of the Tidal Landbrige was a smaller battle that ocurred when a sizeable force of Shadowlands creatures attacked the Crab Clan defenses. A smaller group of creatures led by the cunning Oni no Kinjiro, separated from the main Shadowland attack and attacked the sparsely defended watchtower near Earthquake Fish Bay. The Crab garrison there were led by Hida Bokaru, the third son of the Crab Clan Champion.

The defenders were doomed to be overwhelmed by sheer weight of numbers despite their commander's battle prowess, yet when all seemed lost the Daidoji Daimyo Daidoji Masashigi and his bodyguards crossed over the landbridge at low tide, engaging the oni. Bokaru had become seriously injured by then, and so the Daidoji forced the oni away from his location.

Oni Kinjiro attempted to flee across the landbridge but was closely pressed by Masashigi and his three surviving men. They were last seen fighting the oni as the rising tide closed over them. The Crab searched for survivors but none were found. The only evidence of the Crane was the battered helmet of Masashigi which was later found washed ashore. The Crab built a shrine to the valiant hero and since then the Crab have formed close relations with the "Iron Crane" Daidoji. [1] [2]


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