Battle of the Third Seal
Location: Mantis Islands
Date: 1200, Month of the Boar
Major Forces: Spider Clan,
Mantis Clan
Generals: Yoritomo Hiromi
Battles of Rokugan

The Battle of the Third Seal marked the destruction of the Mantis Clan as a Great Clan, after the veil that severed Ningen-do and Jigoku was broken.

Preamble Edit

The rebellious Spider Clan sought the Sacred Seals to destroy them. After the First Seal and the Second Seal failed, the Third Seal was already doomed, as it was located at the bottom of Dark Water Bay. The amassing of shadowlands beasts in the Bay of Dark Water had gone unnoticed for months. [1]

Battle Edit

When the Third Seal broke, all Mantis Islands were attacked at once. Kaimetsu-uo Seido fell beneath the feet of monstrous kaiju and was lost to flames. Koutetsukan held out against monstrous oni unaccustomed to land battles for some time. Rising waters consumed Toshi no Inazuma and dragged it beneath the sea. Haiyama's eruption raked the island. The students of Dojo Raiden fell. Bakemono used the tunnels beneath Gotei Island to attack from inside Kyuden Gotei at the same time as the kaiju attacked from without. The Storm Guard died under the enemy, and the palace's towers were split and fallen. Contact with Kyuden Komori was lost within minutes of the first battle. Only Thunder Dragon Bay remained untouched by demonic invasion. The Mantis Clan Champion Yoritomo Hiromi and many of his samurai died that day. [1]

Known Casualties Edit


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