Battle of Stolen Graves 
Battle of Stolen Graves
Otosan Uchi
Major Forces:
Battles of Rokugan

The Battle of Stolen Graves was the first rise of the Bloodspeaker Iuchiban.

Bloodsword Madness Edit

Iuchiban's shireikan Asahina Yajinden had gifted four bloodswords to the four of the Clan Champions of Rokugan. After the deaths of the Lion Clan Champion and Crab Clan Champion in 509 and the Crane Clan Champion in 510 the Scorpion Clan Champion Bayushi Rikoji dispatched the Magistrate Soshi Takasho to investigate Yajinden. With the aid of the legionnaire Akodo Minobe, Takasho discovered the Bloodspeaker cult and its leader Iuchiban planning to reanimate the bodies in the crypts of the Ancestral Mausoleum [1] to overthrow the Emperor to place Iuchiban on the throne.

Battle of Stolen Graves Edit

Iuchiban had raised a zombie army within Otosan Uchi and sent them against the Imperial Palace. The undead were unaffected by most of the blows they suffered, and were supported by Maho-tsukai. Akodo Minobe, standing at the vanguard of the Imperial Guardsmen quickly discovered the zombies' invulnerability ended at decapitation, and began to dispatch them. Iuchiban's forces were driven back towards the temple where their master awaited. [2]

Assaulting the Heartless Edit

With a common enemy the Clans united against the cult and crushed them. Minobe was the first to breach the temple's defenses and before the Heartless could use his maho the Lion stabbed him with a spear. With Iuchiban down, the battle was won and the animated corpses were returned to their graves. [2] Takasho found Yajinden's escape route, where he laid the blood sorcerer low with a powerful spell, allowing the Emperor's forces to apprehend him. [3]

Iuchiban entombed Edit

To prevent Iuchiban from becoming a threat again the Kaiu constructed the Tomb of Iuchiban to hold his spirit. All of Iuchiban's inner circle were destroyed, save for his apprentice Yajinden. Yajinden was held at Shinden Asahina for twenty one days while the Asahina cast an elaborate ritual erasing his memory, and he was put to work as a gardener in the Emperor's gardens. [4]

Imperial Edict Edit

The Emperor issued an Imperial edict stating that all bodies from then on would be cremated rather than buried, preventing the use of the bodies of honored ancestors as vessels of evil magic. [4]


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