A Baraunghar

A Baraunghar

The Baraunghar army was the smallest of the three Unicorn Clan armies. [1] It was also known as the Army of the West, [2] the Right-Hand
, or the Army of the Right. They were originally designed for lightning raids in the vast desert. [3]

Creation Edit

Soon after the elevation of Moto Gaheris to the position of Khan, he expanded the Moto military organizational techniques, creating three armies, each of them fulfilling a specific role within the clan: the Baraunghar was a rapid strike army, depending upon speed and magic to achieve their objectives. [4]

Composition Edit

While this army was not as powerful as the Khol or the Junghar, the large shugenja corps of the Baraunghar ensured that through their use of Air and Water magic, they were the fastest army of the Unicorn, if not in the whole of Rokugan. The bulk of its samurai came from the Iuchi and Shinjo families. [citation needed] The rest of the Baraunghar was composed of yojimbo assigned to protect the shugenja in battle and veteran bushi specializing in ambush tactics. [3]

Below were some of the legions and units present in the Baraunghar: [3]

Legion of Air, First Company Iuchi Scouts
Legion of Earth, First Company Iuchi Scouts
Legion of Fire, First Company Iuchi Scouts
Legion of Water, First Company Iuchi Scouts
Legion of Void, First Company Iuchi Scouts

Notable engagements Edit

Defending the Wall Edit

The Baraunghar assisted the Crab Clan in defending the Kaiu Wall during the Second Yasuki War. [1]

Cleansing Banditry Edit

After the Kaiu Wall was retaken, except for the Tower of Fear, the Baraunghar were stationed with the Shogun's forces. [5] In 1165 the Baraunghar crushed bandits throughout the southern provinces, leaving the Crab free to push back the Horde. [6]

Chagatai's Ambition Edit

In the winter of 1168, the Baraunghar staged a series of guerrilla attacks against various Lion cities, which helped disrupt the movements of the Lion armies. [7] [8] The Baraunghar would move out in the first steps of the Khan's Defiance, executing several raids along Lion lands, to draw focus away from the movements of the Khan's army. [9] They drove the storms, pushing the snow before them to clear their path. The snow was whipped into a wave that destroyed everything in its path. [10] With the Lion armies blocking the path to the Imperial City the shugenja performed an enormous ritual teleporting Moto Chagatai's armies just outside Toshi Ranbo. [11] At the defeat of the Unicorn at Toshi Ranbo in 1169, almost ninety percent of the Baraunghar were lost. [citation needed]

Baraunghar Leaders Edit

The following is a listing of all known leaders of the Baraunghar.

Iuchi Jalaa Middle 12th century
Iuchi Lixue  ? - 1169
Horiuchi Nobane 1169 - ?

Known Members Edit


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