Asako Ingen 
Born: Unknown  
Died: 243  
Born: 275  
Died: 312  
Born: 402  
Died: 779

Asako Ingen was one of the great pioneers during the history of the Asako family's research into the Path of Man. Ingen wass often credited with singlehandedly making the discoveries that resulted in the Fushihai. He lived in different times, with different names, rebirth after rebirth.

Life and research Edit

When Ingen began his training at the Henshin Academy, he was convinced that the Mysteries and Riddles were only the tip of what was possible for the Henshin. He devoted his life to unraveling the full potential of the Henshin and the Path. His work was amazingly intuitive, and Ingen managed to make great advances in the study of the Path. Unfortunately, he did so too late for himself. In 243, Ingen died of old age. His last words were "I would be as a god!" [1]

Asako Reisha Edit

Asako Reisha was born 32 years after Ingen's death. Like Ingen, he was obsessed with unraveling the true depths of the Path of Man. Unfortunately, Reisha's career was cut terribly short when he was killed during a suprise attack laid by the Crane Clan. His last words were "I would be as a god!" [1]

Asako Beiwa Edit

Asako Beiwa was born 90 years after Reisha's death. Once again, he was an Henshin obsessed with unraveling the deeper mysteries of the Path of Man. This time, the Henshin found the secrets for which he was searching. Beiwa discovered immortality, and freely shared his findings with his brethren. For four hundred years, Beiwa directed the studies of the Asako as they learned more about their newfound abilities.

In 779, Beiwa died mysteriously. Most believe the master had been poisoned, though none could speculate by whom. His last words were "I would be as a god!" Since the death of Beiwa, those dying words have not been reported again among the Asako. [2]


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